Heavy Weight Turnout Blanket

  • ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Medium Weight Surcingle Bundle w/Neck Cover

    This heavy-duty 1680 ballisitic nylon waterproof turnout blanket bundle with matching neck cover allow your horse to stay comfortable and dry no matter how rough they play. Aridity™ Bamboo Charcoal inner layer wicks moisture away from the horse, keeping them more comfortable during temperature…

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  • ARMORFlex® Challenger VTEK® Fit Heavyweight Turnout Blanket - Bellyband

    This heavyweight waterproof turnout blanket has the capability to keep your horse dry, no matter the damp or cold winter climate, while also making sure the fit keeps your horse comfortable.Specialty fits to keep your horse comfortablePatented VTEK® pressure free wither relief design extends 6-8"…

    $289.99 $129.99
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  • ARMORFlex® Warrior V-Free® Fit Big Fella Draft Surcingle Turnouts

    …to fit some of the biggest fellas, this heavy-duty waterproof turnout blanket allows for hard play and even harder climate conditions.Fabric so durable we're sure it can stand up to even the hardest of playIf regular size 84 & 86 blankets are too snug or too short for your horse, Big Fella sizes 84…

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