Hock Sore

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  • Click Hock Shield® Hock Protector

    These hock protectors are custom designed to stay in place to help heal and prevent hock sores. Hock Shield is made from tear resistant neoprene and has a soft fleece lining that provides a clean protective barrier between the sore and the ground. These protective boots are lightweight and can be…

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  • Click Hock Shield Ultra Hock Protector

    This hock wrap is a full wrap that ensures hock coverage even for horses who normally turn their hock wraps while getting up.Thin tear resistant neoprene outer and double layer of fleece liningCan be worn full time for horses with deep chronic soresPerfect for horses with arthritic hocks to prevent…

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  • Equine Copper Hock Wraps

    These quick and convenient hock wraps increase circulation aiding with stiffness, soreness, and arthritis, increasing productivity and hock flexibility for your horse.Aid in the Recovery of injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons with CopperCan aid in the relief of pain and discomfort from muscle…

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  • Coolaid™ Icing & Cooling Hock Wraps

    Ease swelling and soreness in your horse's hocks with a hock wrap that can be used frozen for icing or wet for cooling when a freezer is unavailableUnique design allows for both compression and freedom of movementWet the hock wraps, wring out the excess, and place folded in the freezer for…

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  • Dura-Tech® Magnetic Hock Wraps (6 magnets)

    …Magnetic Hock Wraps are ideal for treating horses with hock issues including arthritis, bone and bog spavins as well as high suspensory injuries. Magnetic therapy has proven effective to speed healing by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and easing soreness.Dura-Tech Magnetic Hock Wraps…

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  • Ice Horse® Hoof Ice Boots

    …horse's foot in ice from the Coronary Band to the toeProvides cold compression therapy for treating Laminitis and relief for stressed hooves or sore feet with no messSilicone rubber sole provides comfort, traction, and supportElasticized straps keep the boot properly configured around the horse's…

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  • Gel Eze™ Hot N' Cold Wrap

    …gel wrap can be used as a hot or cold application to ease stiffness and soreness in joints and tendons from strenuous exercise or relieve pain and inflammation from a variety of leg injuries. The wrap conforms around hocks, knees or anywhere on a horse's leg. The wrap can also be used as a non-slip…

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