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  • Horseshoer's Secret Hoof Conditioner

    …deep to condition and protect hooves like no other hoof dressing. High in essential fatty acids and natural moisturizers, avocado oil penetrates deep to stimulate collagen production at the coronary band. Glycerin attracts moisture to the hoof while mineral oil helps lock it in. Helps restore…

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  • Keratex Hoof Hardener

    …stronger hornEqually effective in wet and dry weather conditionsUnique formulation maintains the proper moisture balance250 ml with applicator brushApply to lower half of hoof and sole. DO NOT APPLY TO THE CORONET BAND OR FROGUse daily for 1 week and then twice weekly for general hoof maintenance

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  • Riders Rasp™

    …medium finish and coarse rasps are designed for rounding or beveling the hoof, not removing the hoof wall. An emery board for the hoof. Safe for the rider and safe for the horse.Extends trimming intervals while retaining hoof balanceErgonomic design with soft grip, non-slip sidesDesigned for…

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  • Cotton Roll

    Non sterile hospital grade cottonProvides excellent protection over woundsIdeal for use as padding under wrapsHighly absorbent 100% cottonShould not be used directly on open wounds1 lb. weightMade in the USA

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  • Old Timers Hoof Dressing

    Hoof Dressing™ Worked then.Works now. Horses had to be tough a hundred years ago. Back then they had to work hard. They needed a hoof dressing that worked just as hard.For over 100 years this All Natural, Pennsylvania AMISH recipe has been keeping horses hoof flexible and strong. Old Timer's Hoof

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  • Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

    This close fitting medical hoof boot can be used in the stall or for turnout to keep wounds clean and hoof dressings intact, especially when dealing with abscesses, punctures or bruises. The medical boot has a durable Kevlar interior, rugged grooved sole and an asymmetrical zipper to enhance a snug…

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  • Heiro 30 Day Supply

    Nutritional support for horses suffering from a variety of metabolic conditionsBeneficial for horses with sore feet, laminitis, founder  and elevated insulin levelsIntense research of insulin tests led to the development of effective ingredientsHelps fight laminar injury and  chronic foot pain…

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  • EquiFit Pack-N-Stick Hoof Tape

    Anatomically correct hoof tape holds hoof packing, poultice and medications securely in place. Eliminate the juggling act of unrolling and cutting tape while holding up your horse's foot. Each piece of tape is pre-cut for an effortless single use application. Just pack the hoof and apply the tape.…

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  • Woof Wear Mud Fever Turnout Boots

    …turnout whatever the conditions!Featuring a waterproof and breathable fabric around the cannon bone to prevent overheating and a close fitting hoof capsule with Kevlar reinforced heel protection, these innovative boots will keep legs clean and dryA shaped PU strike pad also offers brushing…

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  • Kaeco Epsom Salt Poultice 20oz

    Provides soothing relief to soreness in muscles and jointsEffectively draws out hoof abscesses and infectionsReduces inflammation and soothes pain from sprains and bruisesCan be uesd as a liniment or brace to relax muscles and decrease stiffnessVery effective on reducing reactions from bug bitesAll…

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  • Equine Block Socks Hoof Relief

    …to use wraps: Wrap from the back of the hoof to the front. Place each "X" indicator on each heel bulb in the rear of the hoof. The wrap should cover the entire height of the back of the hoof, down to where the hoof meets the shoe for full hoof coverage. Wrap forward and fold ends overtop…

  • Ultra® Hoof Polish Enhancer

    Creates a protective patent finish over any hoof polish!Intense gloss significantly reduces the appearance of ridgesKeeps hooves shiny all day long - no need to reapply polish throughout the show dayRepels dust and dirt to maintain a professional look15 oz. aerosolMade in the USAUnconditional money…

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