Hoof Boots

  • EasyCare Easyboot Glove Soft Hoof Boot

    This hoof boot fits like a glove and your horse will thank you for it. A form fitting hoof boot with a soft elastic gaiter hugs the hoof perfectly. Acts like a natural foot without adding bulk or hindering your horse's natural movement.Soft elastic gaiter for exceptional comfort and mobilityNo…

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  • Scoot Boots Hoof Boots - Pair

    The perfect pair of hoof boots for horses that work over varied terrain, they have superior traction, ventilation, and can't get soggy. No cables or hook & loop closures, so these allow for an easy application and extended life span.Scoot Boots are constructed of a very strong thermo plastic…

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  • EasyCare Easyboot Stratus Hoof Boot (00-4)

    …the pad for more padding or for firmer paddingComes packaged with one boot, TheraPad and 15 pad TheraRods (5 TheraRods in three densities)Not intended for ridingAs with any hoof or leg related injury, consult your veterinarian or hoof care professional for diagnosis and treatment recommendations

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  • Vet Strider Hoof Boot

    …variety of hoof issuesCan be used over wet or dry poultice or on its ownAllows the hoof to breatheQuick to apply, check the fit, thread the tie through the correct band, place the boot over the hoof and tighten tieEasy to remove, just cut the tieOnly use the Vet Strider hoof boot over a hoof that is…

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  • Shires Equestrian Tubbease Hoof Sock

    This hoof sock allows you to treat a variety of ailments without losing product or causing your horse's hoof to soften.Truly a multi-purpose hoof aidPrevents damaged hooves from getting soft during treatmentwith its breathable propertiesA variety of remedies and treatments can be used under this…

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  • Cavallo ELB Regular Hoof Boot

    The Cavallo ELB (Entry Level Boot) Regular Boot is the affordable short term solution for limited occasions. Perfect for therapy and rehab purposes or 'the spare tire' in the event of a lost shoe.Made of 1680 denier industrial grade nylonFeatures replaceable hook & loop closureDurable sole has…

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  • Cavallo Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot

    The ultimate hoof protection to absorb shock/concussion in all terrains.Stays securely on hoof and has pull tab on back for easy on and offComfortable foam collar and features a replaceable hook & loop strap closureHoneycomb design optimizes strength and minimizes weightBuilt-in sole relief takes…

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  • Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

    …of the boot. If undecided on size, it not recommended to go the next larger size. It is also recommended to use with bell boots or overreach boots to prevent damage if horse's should step on the boots.Recommended for use with bell boots or overreach bootsKeeps wounds clean and hoof dressings…

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  • EasyCare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot

    …horse comfortable in this therapeutic hoof boot designed to give comfort and support in every area of the hoof.Therapeutic hoof boot system for comfort and supportProvides relief for thin soles, abscesses, laminitis, founder, chronic lameness, and other hoof ailmentsProvides relief for hooves when…

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  • Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Leg & Hoof Wrap

    Finally you can treat your horse's entire leg, including the hoof! These wraps stay cold for hours, and are made of a 420 denier outer with quilted gel filled section. They are flexible and conforming for your horse's comfort, and have hook & loop closures for optimum adjustability.Stays cold for…

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  • Dura-Tech® Ribbed Rubber Double Lock Bell Boots

    Provides heavy duty protection against hoof impact and traumaThick, durable rubber absorbs shock and prevents overreachingRolled collar around pastern prevents chafingReinforced double hook & loop closure ensures a secure fitSold in pairs

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  • Shires Equestrian Tubbease Hoof Sock Sole Insert

    …corresponding size Tubbease Hoof SockAdds extra comfort for your horse and longevity to the bootInsert is especially useful for horses with laminitis or those who have lost a shoeYou may not need to use the insert if using the Tubbease Hoof Sock only for soaking the hoof or poulticing itWashable and…

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