Hoof Heal

  • Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder Hoof, Mane & Tail

    …blanket rubs, or injuries. Makes hair healthier and stronger.Hoofs:Makes hoofs stronger. Sand cracks and chipping disappear, quarter cracks heal faster, shoes hold better. Fantastic for shelly footed horses. Strengthens hoof wall.Directions:Apply to wet clean hairLeave on for 5 minutesRinse…

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  • Corona Ointment

    …rapid healing of cuts, abrasions and soresUnique lanolin base ensures the proper moisture balancePrevents drying and cracking in affected areas7 oz. tube Description:For 100 years, Corona Ointment has been protecting skin while controlling its moisture balance for prompt healing. Due largely…

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  • Hoof Wraps™ Equine Hoof Bandage

    Hoof Wraps takes the hard work out of hoof care. Your horses will appreciate the custom fit, light weight and quick healing but most of all the freedom to go about their routine, even on light turnout. You'll appreciate the durability and convenience of a one size fits most bandage system along with…

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  • Veredus® Magnetik™ Hoof Boots

    …treatment of injuries. The magnetic fields in this hoof boot stimulate blood flow and may reduce swelling or pain, especially in the pastern, heels, and coronet band.10 neodymium magnets which develop a power of 2400 Gauss each to promote healing and reduce swelling. The magnets are distributed on…

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  • Sore No More Performance Ultra Poultice 5lbs

    …known as natural healing clay and works to draw out toxins, inflammation and speed the healing process. Blended with only herbal ingredients and is safe to use on the most sensitive skinned horses.Easy to apply and is safe to use under bandages/wraps and can be used as hoof packing. Goes on smooth…

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  • Biotin Plus

    Powder form supplement that supports strong, healthy hoovesTherapeutic formula promotes noticeably quick healing responseHelps repair cracked and split hooves and strengthen the hoof wallVisual improvement in the horn quality in as little as 5-6 weeksHelps horses maintain a radiant coat and optimum…

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  • Centurion Leg & Hoof Pad System

    …bone repair, wound healing, and blood revitalization. Optimum treatment time is 30 minutes but varies per injury, with some requiring 1 hour twice daily. The AC powered unit can also be used on your horse's back. System includes: AC generator, 2 leg wraps, splitter box, hoof pad and carrying case.…

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  • Veredus® Magnetik™ 4-Hour Stable Boots - Front

    …a power of 2400 Gauss each to promote healing and reduce swellingRecommended for limited therapeutic sessions lasting no more than 4 hours!The magnets are distributed in correspondence to the flexor and extensor tendons, fetlock, and bulbs of the hoof. Boots are made of breathable micro-porous…

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  • Dura-Tech® Magnetic Bell Boots (5 magnets)

    Dura-Tech Magnetic Bell Boots are ideal for horses with hoof problems, including laminitis and navicular. Magnetic therapy has proven effective to speed healing by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and easing soreness.Dura-Tech Magnetic Bell boots are recommended to be used in short…

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