Hoof Soaking Boot

  • Shires Equestrian Tubbease Hoof Sock

    This hoof sock allows you to treat a variety of ailments without losing product or causing your horse's hoof to soften.Truly a multi-purpose hoof aidPrevents damaged hooves from getting soft during treatmentwith its breathable propertiesA variety of remedies and treatments can be used under this…

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  • Shires Equestrian Tubbease Hoof Sock Sole Insert

    …corresponding size Tubbease Hoof SockAdds extra comfort for your horse and longevity to the bootInsert is especially useful for horses with laminitis or those who have lost a shoeYou may not need to use the insert if using the Tubbease Hoof Sock only for soaking the hoof or poulticing itWashable and…

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  • Kaeco Epsom Salt Poultice 20oz

    Provides soothing relief to soreness in muscles and jointsEffectively draws out hoof abscesses and infectionsReduces inflammation and soothes pain from sprains and bruisesCan be uesd as a liniment or brace to relax muscles and decrease stiffnessVery effective on reducing reactions from bug bitesAll…

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  • Hoof Wraps™ Soaker Sacks

    …enough to be used without another soaking productEZ Straps hook on one side and loop on the other to attach to themselves for easier applicationCan be used as a protective liner with the Hoof Wraps™ Soaker for a longer life span or on its own to soak hoovesFits most hoof sizesSoaker Sack Size: 18" T…

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  • Hoof Wraps Hoof Soaker

    …to get your horse to stand in a bucket soaking solution only to have them dump it after 5 minutes? From the makers of Hoof Wraps ™ comes the Equine Soaker. A tough soaking boot made of 2200 denier ballistic nylon with a thick vinyl liner for soaking hooves or icing legs. 2 hook & loop straps…

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  • Scoot Boot Pastern Strap Lock Pack - Set of 8

    Pastern strap locks have been designed to prevent the pastern strap from pulling off when riding in muddy conditions or through heavy vegetation, with your Scoot Boots.These are constructed of nylon and designed for ease of applicationEach pastern strap lock pack contains 8 pastern strap locksQty:…

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