Hoof Supplement

  • Farrier's Formula Double Strength 11lbs Refill

    Addresses weak hoof structure and quickly improves the defective environmentSupplies proper ratio of nutrients needed to build  strong hoof capsule connective tissuePromotes strong and fast growth of the hoof wall, sole, frog and the heelReduces the likelihood of microbial invasions, bruising and…

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  • Equithrive® Hoof Pellets 10 lb Hoof Supplement

    This hoof supplement supports the strengthening of inner hoof tissues as well as the outer hoof wall for full support in a pelleted form.Features Include:Contains key nutrients that promote cellular health and structural strength in equine hoof tissues for truly innovative hoof support where it…

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  • Grand Meadows™ Grand Complete™ 5 lbs Supplement

    Simplify your supplement program with this all-in-one supplement that will keep your horse shiny and feeling their best.Features Include:Combines the most effective ingredients of Grand Flex, Grand Hoof Pellets, Grand Coat, and Grand ViteMaintains joint, hoof, coat, immune, and digestive…

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  • Hoof Secret

    …the inner hoof to the outside hoof wall and Methionine is a sulfur containing amino acid required for hoof growth. B-Vitamins are also imperative for healthy skin, coat and hoof growth. Feeding Hoof Secret will improve hoof hardness, hoof thickness and improve tender feet while promoting new hoof

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  • Kaeco Biotin 800 Pellets 6lbs

    .sc {color: #F00;}.sc {color: #F00;}Extra strength Biotin supplementFormulated to optimize hoof, skin and coat conditionHighly concentrated  for economical administrationBlended for optimum resultsEach 1 oz scoop contains 50mg d-Biotin, 460mg d-Panthothenic Acid, 25mg d-MethionineMade in the USA6…

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  • dac® Orange Superior

    …E supplement, zinc sulfate, selenium yeast, manganese sulfate, distillers dried grains with solubles, copper sulfate, dry whey product, dried skim milk, yeast culture, vitamin B-12 supplement, folic acid, niacin supplement, biotin, natural and artificial flavor, vitamin D3 supplement, menadione…

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  • Heiro 30 Day Supply

    …pasture, or has a history of founder, HEIRO can help get your horse back on pasture. It also has the highest concentration of Vitamin E of any supplement used in horses to control Insulin.Directions for use:Regular schedule: Mix one scoop (enclosed) once a day in morning feed.If foot sore: Mix one…

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  • Figuerola Labs EquineSaver Supplement

    This is an all-in-one powdered supplement offers a unique blend of ingredients to support joint, digestive, coat, immune system, and hoof health.Features Include:EquineSaver is a complete all-in-one powdered superfood for total equine health and well being.Contains over 300 essential nutrients for…

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  • Farrier's Formula Double Strength Plus Joint

    …Plus Joint is an all in one supplement to provide the correct balance and ratio of nutrients important to overall healthy hooves and targeted joint support. This pelleted combination is necessary to build a solid foundation within the hoof and building a strong hoof wall while easing joint pain…

  • Equithrive® Hoof Pellets 3.3 lb Hoof Supplement

    This hoof supplement supports the strengthening of inner hoof tissues as well as the outer hoof wall for full support. Directions for Use: 2 scoops for horses 600 lb or less, 3 scoops for horses 601-899 lb, and 4 scoops for horses 900 lb or more.Contains key nutrients that promote cellular health…

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  • Med-Vet Laminex™ Metabolic Supplement

    This metabolic supplement helps increase circulation to the laminae of the hoof and grow healthy hoof after a horse founders or has laminitis.Features Include:A concentrated source of MSM, Magnesium, Biotin, and Devil's Claw that support the circulation of blood vessels to the laminae of the…

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  • Adeptus® Nimble Mega-Nutrient® Multivitamin Supplement

    This is the perfect multivitamin supplement that offers comprehensive support for your horse including digestive, joint, coat, and hooves.Features Include:An all-in-one supplement that fully fortifies the diet!Nimble Mega is an excellent choice for easy keepers that do not need calories from…

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