Horse Shampoo

  • UltraCruz® Foaming Tool

    …tool makes bathing a breeze! Dilutes foaming shampoo for easy horse and livestock grooming.Multi-species bathing tool for easy grooming.Attaches to hose and produces a rich, foamy lather, making bathing a breeze!Dilutes concentrated foaming shampoos for economical and efficient bathing.Quickly and…

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  • Ultra® Conditioning Shampoo

    Cleans and conditions each hair while removing stubborn stainsLow sudsing action rinses ultra clean to eliminate residue build upHelps coat maintain its natural moisture balancePromotes a healthy coat, silky softness and luxurious shineConcentrated 1 to 4 (4 oz. makes 16 oz.)Citronella scent helps…

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  • EquiFUSE Citra Foam Shampoo

    …shine and strengthens manes and tails from breakage Instantly foams, massaging the horse's skin producing a root deep cleanMoisturizing formula elimiates dander and dandruffConcentrated formula encourages a clean horse without the wasteInfused with d-limonene, an eco-friendly component of orange…

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  • Ultra® Enhanced Intense Brightening Shampoo

    This brightening shampoo has been reformulated to enhance and intensify all coat colors and maximize the whitening capabilities for light horses. This rich, sudsy formula penetrates deep into the coat to loosen and dissolve the toughest stains, bringing up the coats natural color and…

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  • Ultra® Easy Clean Instant Spot Remover

    This easy to use spray will dissolve the toughest manure and urine stains without water and is perfect for those unexpected touch ups when bathing isn't an option. Simply shake...spray...massage...wipe...done!Dissolves the toughest manure, urine and grass stains in minutesPleasant smelling and will…

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  • UltraCruz® Equine Foaming Shampoo Gallon Refill

    …Foaming Tool, this horse foaming shampoo makes for quick and easy bathing gently cleaning and strengthening hair in the process.Concentrated shampoo designed for use with the UltraCruz Foaming Tool or provided in the Travel Foamer.Equine foaming shampoo for quick and easy grooming.Naturally…

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  • Farnam Repel X-PE Emulsifiable Concentrate

    …or cloth to those areasDo not use on foals under 3 months of ageDirection for wipe-on-use:Thoroughly brush horse to remove excess dirt and dustExtremely dirty horses should be shampooed, rinsed and allowed time to dry before applying wipeUse a sponge or clean soft cloth or mittApply liberally over…

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  • Orvus Paste Shampoo

    …for decadesSuper concentrate with extraordinary whiteners for horses, dogs and livestockGreat for fine hand washables, wool fabrics, rugs or upholsteryGently, deep cleans and conditions to produce a fabulous shineIdeal for horses or dogs with minor skin problems7 1/2 lb. containerIngredients:Sodium…

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  • Ultra® Medicated Tea Tree Shampoo

    Promotes healthy skin while producing a shiny coat, mane and tailContains tea tree essential oil (melaleuca oil) to effectively fight bacterial and fungal infectionsEffective against rain rot, scratches, mange, ringworm and girth itchLow sudsing action cleans deep and rinses ultra clean eliminating…

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  • Farnam Endure Fly Spray

    …ingredients...93.05% Directions:Thoroughly brush the horses coat prior to application to remove loose dirt and debrisFor dirty horses, shampoo and rinse thoroughlyWait until coat is completely dry before applying Endure® Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray For HorsesSpray horses entire body while brushing…

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  • Straight Arrow Mane N Tail Conditioner 32 Oz.

    An exclusive highly concentrated formula with unique properties that conditions, strengthens and prevents breakage, while deeply moisturizing to maintain and achieve a longer, healthier-looking mane and tail.Exclusive formula to condition and strengthen hair, minimizing breakageNourishes skin and…

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  • Exhibitors Quic Silver

    …leave your horse soft, smooth and shiny. Quic Silver® is absolutely stunning on grays and albinos (silvery highlights), but will enhance color as well on some buckskins. Quic Silver® is an excellent stain remover, safely turning dingy markings a platinum white.Color intensifying shampoo formulated…

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