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Horse Treats

  • Standlee Whinny Nicker Apple Berry Treat

    All natural, certified treats your horse will ask for by nameMini hay bale shaped treats contain timothy and alfalfa foragesMade with human grad cranberries and infused with apple juiceSpecially packaged to stay fresh after openingPreservative and chemical freeSizes:  5 lb. bag

  • Apple Snaps by Buckeye® Nutrition

    The taste that all horses loveAll natural treat with NO sugar addedMade with real applesHighly digestible and palatable A tasty and healthy reward for horses of all ages4 lb. bag

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    15 Reviews
  • Mrs. Pastures Cookies

    …cookies are bite sized and made with all natural ingredients.Your horse will love these snacks, they are made with love.Bite sized treats made with all natural ingredientsEffective training aid or as the perfect rewardGrain based recipe that horses absolutely love 2 pound containerMade in the USA

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    48 Reviews
  • Omega Nibblers Low Sugar/Starch Treats

    Horses love the tasty all natural treat while gaining all the benefits of healthy nutrition. Low sugar and starch content is ideal for horses with diet restrictions. Each treat provides essential fatty acids, trace minerals and antioxidants to maintain optimal health and performance.3.5 lb. bag…

    4 Reviews
  • Hoof Wraps™ Soaker Sacks

    This easy to use, reusable hoof soaker features EZ straps, so they stay in place without the use of a wrap or tape! Treating hoof and lower leg issues has never been easier!Made with heavy 12 mil thick soft vinyl material that is durable enough to be used without another soaking productEZ Straps…

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  • MannaPro Bite Sized Peppermint Nuggets

    …small acts of kindness and daily interaction tell your horse more than words ever can. Manna Pro understands this too and has developed a line of wholesome treats that will help you show how much you care.Wholesome treats in your horse's favorite flavorsTasty, bite sized nuggets provide a nutritious…

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    12 Reviews
  • Stud Muffin 50 Pack

    Fortified with flaxseed, oats, barley, corn, and wheat bran

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    28 Reviews
  • Schneider's Spray On Blanket Re-Proofer

    …water to bead and run offSchneider's Blanket Re-Proofer does not create a waterproof barrier on items that were not originally waterproof32 oz. size treats four average size blanketsMade in the USADirections:Machine wash blanket with Schneiders Blanket Wash or comparable blanket washPre-treat/scrub…

    $44.99 $29.99
    33 Reviews
  • Manna Pro Apple Nuggets Size 4lbs

    Wholesome treats in your horse’s favorite flavorsTasty, bite sized nuggets provide a nutritious rewardFortified with essential vitamin, minerals and amino acidsIrresistible apple flavor4 lb. bagMade in the USA

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    8 Reviews
  • German Minty Muffins

    Cookies your horse will love! These treats are just the perfect size to reward your horse and to be used as an effective training aid! These muffins are bite sized and made with all natural ingredients.Your horse will love these snacks, they are sweet and moist! Each treat has a peppermint inside of…

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    10 Reviews
  • Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls

    …packed with vitamins and minerals essential for your horse's everyday needs.The perfect treat, boredom breaker and stress relieverProvides hours of "rewarding" distractionGrain based and packed with vitamins and mineralsIdeal for horses on stall rest, cribbers and chewersFlavors: Apple, molasses,…

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    AppleCarrotMolassesPeppermintSugar free
  • Hilton Herballs

    Horse snacks that your horse will love! Herballs contain NO added sugars, molasses, artificial flavors, or colourants, and are the safe, healthy, way to reward horses and ponies, even the 'fatties'!Feed as a treat as and when required.Simply place a few treats in your horse's grain bucket or on top…

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    18 Reviews