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Horse Wash

  • Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System

    …barn, horse show, garage, shed, and camper at home or on the roadBathe your horses and pets with comfortable warm water, wash your truck and trailer, de-ice buckets in the winter time, use at the barn, horse show, garage, shed, and camper - at home or on the roadMount permanently in your wash stall,…

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  • Insta-Hot® 2 Cart by Easy-Up®

    The Insta-Hot® 2 Cart is custom designed to house the Insta-Hot® 2 unit (not included) so you can easily take your washing system to horse shows. Adding the cart to your Insta-Hot® 2 unit gives you total portability to have hot water anytime, anywhere.Industry leading 5 year Easy-Up® Warranty…

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  • Schneiders® Horse Blanket Care Kit

    …over, wash your blanket/sheet in our specially formulated blanket wash to help maintain the waterproofing integrity. The odor eliminator helps on tough stains and urine smells and can neutralize odors as strong as a skunk.Easy to use tape can be cut to size to accommodate snag/tear sizesBlanket wash

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  • Espree® Herbal Horse Fly Repellent Face & Body Wipes

    …trash, do not flush. For external use only. Wash hands after use. Caution: Do not use on irritated inflamed or open lesion skin areas. Do not allow ingestion. For animal use only.Prevents flies, gnats, and other flying insects from biting your horse's face, ears, or bodyMade with a gentle blend of…

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  • EquiFUSE CitraFoam Sulfate Free + Foaming Horse Shampoo 64 oz

    …deep cleaning to remove the toughest stains and loosen embedded debris. This is a sulfate free shampoo is tearless and won’t burn or irritate the horse’s eyes. Citra Foam shampoo naturally moisturizes the coat to enhance shine and softness.Features include:Helps repair dry, damaged coats without…

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  • Easy-Up® Wide Diameter Hose Boom

    …easily in wash stalls, has larger diameter tubing to be compatible with all standard size hoses and the boom arm adjusts and extends to meet the dimensions of most wash stalls. The hose boom swivels 180° overhead so the hose in always safely off the ground and user can move to each side of the horse

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  • Kalglo® Electric Radiant Infrared Heater HS-1215

    …radiant infrared heater that is perfect for wash racks and tack areas, with no open flame and a large heat pattern.Downgoing infrared rays heat the space directly below it, rather than the air around them, making this perfect for tack areas and wash racks120 volt, 1500 watts, 12.5 ampsHeaters come…

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  • Kalglo® Electric Radiant Infared Heater HS-2420

    …for barns in grooming stalls, wash racks, etc. A safer alternative for use around animals, for heating up small areas during cold weather.Downgoing infrared rays heat the space directly below it, rather than the air around them, making this perfect for tack areas and wash racks240 volt, 2000 watts,…

  • Professional's Choice® SMx VenTECH™ Dressage Girth

    …in use allowing for ventilation and heat and moisture escape keeping your horse cool.VenTECH™ neoprene that breathes, keeping your horse more comfortable during exercise Non-slip, conforms to your horse, and keeps your horse coolDetachable neoprene liner peels away from webbing for easy washing

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  • Easy-Up® HD Mountable Hanging Hook

    …hanging hook is pefect in the tack room, the wash rack or beside your horse stalls to hang halters, lead ropes, sheets, bridles, coolers, jackets etc.Made of our heavy-duty gray Armor SteelThis mountable hanging hook is perfect in the tack room, wash rack, grooming stalls and aisleHang halters,…

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  • Dura-Tech® Bungee Quick Release Cross Tie

    …at each end with nickel plated quick release snap to attach to wall and trigger snap to attach to horse.Durable 1/2" nylon bungee stretch cordHeavily reinforced for strengthNickel plated quick release panic snap and trigger snap5' long fits most aisles, wash or groom stallsSold individually

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  • Absorbine® Cooldown™ Herbal After Workout Rinse Liniment

    …to replace oils that may be lost due to sweatingIdeal for daily useSoap-free formula cuts through sweat and grime with no need to wash offGreat option for horses who may not tolerate strong linimentsProvides soothing aromatherapyUS Equestrian Official LinimentConcentrated formula makes 32…

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