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  • Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Wrap

    …they stay cold for hours when applied directly from the freezer.Provides instant cold therapy in the event of injury or traumaEasy and effective for cooling horse's legs after exercise420 denier outer with quilted polycrylate gel filled sectionsStays extremely cold for hours removing from the…

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  • Perfect Products Perfect Prep EQ™ Sane & Sound Max Paste

    …begin 2-4 hours after administration and continue for 18+ hoursCan be combined with any Perfect Prep formulaShow Safe60cc paste syringeSuggested use:For maximum effect feed one syringe (60cc) 12 hours prior to performance and one syringe 4 hours prior to performance. Effects begin 2 hours after…

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  • Jolly Ball™ For Horses

    Helps ease boredom and reduce stressHandle allows horses to carry and toss the ballProvides hours of entertainment for dogsMade in the USA of durable, stomp resistant polyethyleneDoes not need air and won't deflate 10" diameter w/handle

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  • Jolly Balls 6" For Dogs

    Provides hours of fun play time for your dogDurable handle for dogs to carry the ball aroundMade in the USA of durable non-toxic PolyethyleneWill re-inflate if stepped on, hold up to rough play

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  • Draw It Out Liniment 32oz

    …Normal Mixture: 30% Draw It Out; 70% Water. Use cold water if injury is within 2-3 hours, otherwise use hot/warm water. Enhanced Mixture: 50% Draw It Out; 50% Water. Use cold water if injury is within 2-3 hours, otherwise use hot/warm water. Soak wrap in the recommended mixture. Wrap affected areas,…

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  • Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls

    …your horse. He or she will spend hours trying to lick and grab the entertaining ball! Not only is it great tasting but it's packed with vitamins and minerals essential for your horse's everyday needs.The perfect treat, boredom breaker and stress relieverProvides hours of "rewarding" distractionGrain…

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    AppleCarrotMolassesPeppermintSugar free
  • Andis® Cordless Groom Perfect Li Clipper

    …easily and will run for 2 hours on a fully charged Lithium ion battery.Lightweight clipper with ergonomic design for clipping and trimming horses and dogsAdjustable blade goes from #9 to #30 for versatility of clipping optionsLithium ion battery clips for up to 2 hours on a single full chargeSingle…

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  • Gut Health Peak Performance Pellets 6lbs

    …include:Effective in stabilizing the ph balance within the stomach and hind gutBegins working within 25 minutes to restore a healthy balanceTime released action strategically raises the ph level for fast reliefTime released pellets treat in phases up to 4 hours Natural alfalfa flavor6 lb. container

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  • Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Leg & Hoof Wrap

    …including the hoof! These wraps stay cold for hours, and are made of a 420 denier outer with quilted gel filled section. They are flexible and conforming for your horse's comfort, and have hook & loop closures for optimum adjustability.Stays cold for hours when applied directly from the freezer420…

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  • Perfect Products Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Paste

    Administer 30cc the night before performance and 30cc the morning of performance. Maximum effects are evident after 6 hours and last for up to 18 hours. Repeat with additional 30cc to 60occ to maintain or increased desired effect. Effects are cumulative with repeated use. Because every horse has…

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  • Oster Volt Li Ion Battery

    Li-Ion battery provides continuous power and long lasting chargeProvides consistent power and runs for up to 2 hours on a single chargeQuick charge capabilities to further extend cutting timeUses only 3% of its charge a month when not in useLi-Ion battery is half the weight of NiMH style batteries

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  • Wahl Pro Ion Cordless Clipper

    …legsProfessional power with rotary motor with up to 6000 SPMErgonomic design is comfortable in the hand and less tiresomeOffers  2 hours of solid clip time with a 3-5 hour full charge timeLithium ion no memory battery prevents overcharging and overheatingOnly consumes energy as the unit needs to…

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