Ice Boots

  • Pressure-Ice® Active Compression Cold Therapy System with Leg Wraps

    …or ice/water packs (included)Quick release valves for optimal safetySystem includes: Pressure pump, charger, surcingle, leg wraps (2), gel packs (4), ice/water sleeves (2), ice/water poly bags (4), waterproof ice storage container, and carry bag (10 x 12 x 22 in.) with padded shoulder strap.

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  • Gel Eze™ Hot N' Cold Wrap

    …be used for hot or cold applications to relieve pain, stiffness and inflammationDo not microwave (the wrap will melt)Refrigerate or soak wrap in ice water for cold therapy, submerge in hot water for warm therapyCan be used as a non-slip pad under English or Western saddlesFor best results, use…

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  • Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Wrap

    Easy, instant cold therapy! These wraps are flexible and conforming, for your horse's comfort, and they stay cold for hours when applied directly from the freezer.Provides instant cold therapy in the event of injury or traumaEasy and effective for cooling horse's legs after exercise420 denier outer…

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  • Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Leg & Hoof Wrap

    Finally you can treat your horse's entire leg, including the hoof! These wraps stay cold for hours, and are made of a 420 denier outer with quilted gel filled section. They are flexible and conforming for your horse's comfort, and have hook & loop closures for optimum adjustability.Stays cold for…

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  • Dura-Tech® Neoprene Ice Boot (full leg)

    Ideal to ice knees, suspensories, fetlocks or tendonsHeavyweight neoprene rubber with 6 inner ice pocketsHolds both cubed ice or reusable ice pack inserts(7) 2" wide hook & loop straps for secure closure23" tall Sold individuallyGuaranteed for 6 months

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  • Hoof Wraps™ Soaker Sacks

    This easy to use, reusable hoof soaker features EZ straps, so they stay in place without the use of a wrap or tape! Treating hoof and lower leg issues has never been easier!Made with heavy 12 mil thick soft vinyl material that is durable enough to be used without another soaking productEZ Straps…

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  • Ice-Vibe Circulation Therapy

    Rechargeable vibrating boots stimulate blood flow to speed recovery Reduces inflammation, massages and soothes legs after exerciseUse with cold packs for inflammation or without for massage therapyIdeal to help warm up horses before strenuous exercise or trainingThree operating settings with…

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  • Ice Horse® Hoof Ice Boots

    Take the hassle out of cooling your horse's hoof with this easy to use hoof boot that's perfect for the treatment of laminitis.Unique tri-fold design wraps the horse's foot in ice from the Coronary Band to the toeProvides cold compression therapy for treating Laminitis and relief for stressed hooves…

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  • LeMieux® Grafter Brushing Boots

    A hard working protective brushing boot at a fantastic value! Highly durable yet soft, lightweight and breathable design is great for competition, turnout or training.A protective brushing boot at an exceptional value! These boots offer support, durability and breathability for training, competition…

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  • Ice Horse® Suspensory Ice Wraps

    …with Quadrispan™ anti migration fabricA unique breathable fabric keeps the wraps in place on the horse’s leg and the ice compressed against the area being treatedWhen using Ice Horse® products its recommend your horse be securely tied and not left unattendedMade in the USASold in Pairs with 8 cold…

  • Coolaid™ Icing & Cooling Hock Wraps

    …for icing or wet for cooling when a freezer is unavailableUnique design allows for both compression and freedom of movementWet the hock wraps, wring out the excess, and place folded in the freezer for approximately 45 minutesIf a freezer is not available, simply place in a cooler with ice and water…

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  • Woof Wear Hot/Cold Therapy Boot Replacement Pack

    These gel ice packs can also be heated for a hot application and fit perfectly with Woof Wear Hot/Cold Therapy Boots.Can be used for both hot and cold therapyGel packs can be microwaved or frozen (will remain pliable)Gel packs can be reusedEach pack includes two pairs

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