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Kids Show Pants

  • Hobby Horse Girl's EZee Rider Stretch Western Show Pants

    …best in the show ring with show pants that will help keep you cool and fit perfectly.Strong, stretch pants for showmanship or under chapsMid-rise, fitted to mid-thigh, unhemmedHi-tech Hobbyflex fabric and classic design combine to make the new EZee Rider show pants the standard for the show ringFirm…

  • Schneider's Girls Showmanship Pants

    Coordinates with all Schneider show shirts and vests65% polyester, 35% viscoseUnhemmed

    $64.99 $39.99
    18 Reviews
    2 colors
  • Schneider's Ladies Showmanship Pants

    The perfect pair of pants to match your showmanship outfit or great to use under your show chaps. Comes in a variety of colors to match your outfit.The perfect pair of pants to match your showmanship outfit or great to use under your show chaps. Comes in a variety of colors to match your outfit.

    $64.99 $44.99
    39 Reviews
    4 colors
  • Hobby Horse Women's EZee Rider Stretch Western Show Pants

    These show pants offer optimal fit while moving heat away from you, making them ideal for summer showing.Strong, stretch pants for showmanship or under chapsMid-rise, fitted to mid-thigh, unhemmedHi-tech Hobbyflex fabric and classic design combine to make the new EZee Rider show pants the standard…

    1 Reviews
  • Noble Outfitters™ Kids Perfect Fit™ Show Gloves

    These fun children's show gloves are durable and comfortable. The offer a breathable stretch fabric, sure grip palm to help young hands grip their reins with ease, and an adjustable wrist closure.Back of hand: 82% polyester, 18% spandex stretch jerseyPalm: 50% nylon, 50% polyurethane synthetic…

    1 Reviews
    5 colors
    APPLES/CARROTSBlackBlackberryLadybugMulti Running Horses
  • Kerrits® Kids Performance Riding Tights

    Riding tights that your kids will love for their comfort and colors, and you'll love them for their durability.Super soft Fabrisuede Tactel™ provides four-way stretch comfortLightweight, yet durableDrawcord waistband for an adjustable fitEco Suede™ knee patchesSuperior shape retentionMoisture…

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    3 colors
    BlackLupine SwirlOrchid Swirl
  • Kerrits® Kids Ice Fil® Short Sleeve Shirt

    Keep cool at summer camp or horse shows, all summer long in a kids Ice Fil® shirt.Ice Fil® cools by reducing skin's temperature by up to 5 degreesUltra-light and breathableUPF 30+ sun protectionMoisture wickingFront zipped allows for adjustable ventingStock tie loop on back of collar

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    $39.99 $30.99
    5 colors
  • Schneiders Kid's Western Leather Belt

    …belt. The nickel plated buckle can be removed to attach a trophy or favorite style buckle. This belt can be laser engraved and would make a nice show or association award.afted from top grain harness leather1 1/2" wide strap with dome edgesRemovable nickel finished harness buckleCan be laser…

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    $14.99 $9.99
    4 colors
    Basketweave BlackBasketweave BrownPlain BlackPlain Brown
  • Uvex Kids Onyxx Helmet

    The Onyxx raises the bar on safety while creating an extremely strong, lightweight youth helmet. The IAS 3D system can instantly adjust both the height and width to accommodate all head shapes with millimetric precision. Especially comfortable for those who require eye glasses.Impact resistant…

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    $89.00 $79.99
    4 colors
    BlueFriends AnthraciteFriends WhitePrincess White
  • Kerrits® Kids Ice Fil Jodhpurs

    …most fearless kids appreciate the extra dose of security built into the Gripstretch Suede™ knee-patch jodhpurs, these comfy jods also keep kids comfortable and stylish too.Durable, comfy jods also boost cutting-edge cooling technology that uses Ice Fil® fabric to actually lower kids' skin temp as…

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  • Kerrits® Kids Microcord Knee Patch Breeches

    Kids breeches durable enough for everyday wear, the ribbed Microcord™ fabric of these versatile tights helps them hold their shape ride after ride, wash after wash, so there are never saggy bottoms (or knees!) in the saddle or out.Durable four-way stretch Microcord™ fabric flatters and supportsBelt…

  • Kerrits® Kids Equi-Sketch Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    For girls whose every sketch features a horse, this super-soft 100% cotton short sleeve t-shirt lets them announce their allegiance to Pony Nation!Exclusive Kerrits® print in shades that go with all their favorite Kerrits® tights and breechesIdeal for the barn and beyond100% cotton

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    2 colors