Ladies Spurs

  • FES Black Filigree Cloverleaf Spurs

    Black steel spur with a beautiful silver plate filigree overlay on band and neckBlack steel with rust over time leaving a beautiful antique finishBand width: 1"Neck Length: 2"Cloverleaf Rowel

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    $71.99 $49.99
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  • Metalab Women's Anti-Slip Rubber Comfort Western Spurs

    This is a nice women's spur that has a rubber interior cup that offers a secure and comfortable fit without scratching your boots.Brushed stainless steel band with engravingNew rubber cup for secure and comfortable fitPrevents marks and scratches on your bootsBand width: 3/4"Shank length: 2…

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    $89.99 $84.99
  • FES All Around Performance Spurs

    Increase responsiveness while limiting leg movementMade from highly polished stainless steel8 point blunt end rowels with upward angled neckHinged spur button with interchangeable rowelsBand width:  1”Heel width:  2 7/8”Neck length:  3” gooseneckRowel diameter:  1”Size:  Ladies

    $71.99 $49.99
    11 Reviews
  • FES Engraved Pleasure Spur

    …highly polished black finishEngraved sterling silver plate overlay  on the outer side10 point rowel features square cut ends to quicken responsivenessHinged spur button allows straps to be attached easilyBand width:  7/8”Heel width:  3”Neck length:  2” curved neckRowel diameter:  1 1/8”Size:  Ladies

    $71.99 $49.99
    24 Reviews
  • FES Engraved Pleasure Horse Spur

    Engraved brushed steel pleasure horse spur1" band (men's) or 3/4" band (ladies), 2 1/2" neck, 2 7/8" wide with a 1" rowel diameter9pt rowelInterchangeable rowelsSize: Ladies or Mens 

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    $71.99 $49.99
    13 Reviews
  • FES Wings Ladies Western Spurs

    A nicely weighted ladies spur that will rest comfortably on your boots. Stainless steel base with filigree design and black background, for a stylish look sure to stand out.Tapered, smooth edges fit better on your boots When used as a proper training tool, spurs can be very helpful and aid in the…

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    $64.99 $44.99
    1 Reviews
  • FES 10 Point Rowel Spur

    …performanceMade from stainless steel with a black satin finishHand engraved sterling silver plate filigree overlay10 point rowel with rounded tips for ‘softer’ contactHinged spur button is engraved sterling silver plateBand width”  1”Heel width  3”Neck length:  2 ¼”Rowel diameter:  1”Size:  Ladies

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    $71.99 $49.99
    14 Reviews
  • FES Ladies Brushed Stainless Steel Rockgrinder Spurs

    The Rockgrinder Spur can be a great training tool for experienced riders. It maximizes leg cues with minimal pressure. Rockgrinder spurs are used as temporary training aids for well trained horses and experienced riders.Brushed stainless steelSilver plate trimNeck: 2 1/4" gooseneckBand: 1"Rowel: 16…

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    $85.99 $59.99
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  • FES Women's Antique Bronze Daisy Western Spurs

    These western spurs offer a 10 point rowel that distributes pressure over a broader area for softer contact. These are ideal for younger riders or riders with a shorter leg.Antique finish with silver and copper daisy motifChap guard will keep your chaps from falling over your spurs and getting…

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    $78.99 $54.99
    2 Reviews
  • FES Pleasure Horse & Star Spurs

    …of stainless steel with an antique bronze finishSterling silver plate overlay with star and pleasure horse cutoutHinged spur button with star detail on the button10 point antique bronze rowel with rounded endsBand width:  1 ¼”Heel width:  3”Neck length:  2” gooseneckRowel diameter:  1”Size:  Ladies

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    $64.99 $44.99
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  • Billy Royal® Oiled Herman Oak Spur Straps

    Made in the USA by Amish craftsmen, these spur straps are built to last. A subtly, styled spur strap that will shape to your boot while keeping your spurs more securely against your heel.Shaped strap with decorative buckle that's made for everyday wearHand rubbed and oiled with nicely finished…

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    $57.99 $39.99
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  • FES Stainless Steel Cutting Spur with Ball End

    Nice cutting spur to help enhance your horse’s performanceCrafted from stainless steel hand polished to a brilliant shineHinged spur button allows straps to be attached easilyBand width:  ¾”Heel width:  3”Neck length:  1 ½”Ball diameter:  7/8”Size:  Ladies

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    $39.99 $27.99
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