Lazer Sheen

  • Ultra® Lazer Shine

    Creates a luxurious show ring shine that lasts for days.Detangles to make manes and tails more manageable without damaging hairNon-greasy formula repels dust and dirtConcentrated 1 to 8 with easy-to-use measuring guide on the label16 oz. will make 1 gallonMade in the USAUnconditional money back…

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  • $4.99
  • Ultra® Lazer Shine with Flairosol Continuous Sprayer

    …when the spray stopsDispenses 1.25 cc per 1 second of sprayWorks with water based type products24 oz. bottle Directions for best results:Mix 3 oz. Lazer Shine into a 24 oz. sprayer and fill with water. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Set sprayer setting to “mist.” Spray the horse’s coat and rub in by…

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  • Laser Sheen Hair Polish Concentrate

    Lazer Sheen® puts on an incredible shine. It makes coats sleek and shiny and leaves hair soft and silky. It detangles manes and tail, and eliminates static fly aways. Lazer Sheen is never greasy, oily, sticky or slippery. It works to help repel dust and dirt and prevents manure, grass and latigo…

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