Leather Conditioner

  • Passier® Lederbalsam Leather Conditioner

    …is both a leather conditioner and protectant made to moisturize while blocking excess moisture from water, prolonging the life of your leather goods.High quality conditioner that prolongs the life of fine leatherRich ingredients without chemicalsProtects against water, keeping leather soft and…

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  • Leather Therapy Restorer and Conditioner

    Protect your investment with Award winning Leather Therapy Restorer & Conditioner. It conditions from the inside-out and tests show a significant increase in leather tensile strength. Protects leather from the enemies that shorten its life -- drying sun, wind, moisture, mold & mildew.Unique…

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  • Bates Leather Balsam

    Keep your saddle moisturized and protected. This balsam will help create a barrier against water, dirt, and wear.Wax basedEnsures correct level of moistureWill create barrier with regular use against water, dirt, sweat, and wear.Should be used after the saddle is cleanedBefore you ride in your…

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  • Effax Leather-Combi

    Developed to clean and preserve leather in one easy stepUnique formula absorbs quickly and penetrates each leather fiberMild cleansing specialty surfactants deep cleans to remove dirt Keeps leather super soft and supple to ensure strength and durability500 mlMade in Germany

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  • Ultra® Leather Conditioner

    Ultra Leather Conditioner is a non-greasy formula that will not rub off on clothing. It's great for assisting breaking-in on new leather and restoring old leather.

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  • Horseman's One Step®

    …cleaning agents combine to remove dirt, sweat and saltPenetrates deep to protect against drying and crackingUnique lanolin formula leaves a beautiful satin sheenProtects against mold and mildew and leaves no greasy residueCan be used on all leather products except suede15 oz. jarMade in the USA

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  • Lexol Leather Conditioner

    Lexol Conditioner is a liquid conditioner and preservative intended for use in the care and conservation of leather. It works to preserve and maintain the strength, beauty and flexibility of leather -- old and new -- and to help restore resiliency to old or neglected leather that has become hardened…

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  • Effax Leather Cream Soap

    Cleans and cares for leather in one easy step without the use of waterEnsures a pleasant leather surface with a good grip without stainingHang the bottle with the Flip-Flac top for easy access and applicationKeeps leather extremely supple and highly durable400 ml bottleMade in Germany

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  • Lexol® Equine Quick Wipes Leather Conditioner

    Lexol Conditioner Wipes help keep your tack looking new and supple while extending its performance life.Handy for last minute touch ups before entering the ring.Safe to use on auto upholstery, furniture, boots and sports equipmentLeaves no tacky residue

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  • Leather Therapy Wash 32oz.

    …grimeConcentrated micro-suds lift out embedded dirtLeaves no residue in tooled areas or around stitchingNo hardening or darkening of leather, only a clean soft feelImparts beneficial lubricants to keep leather suppleAlso lifts the dirt and spots from nylon halters or wool pads32 oz.Made in the USA

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  • Fiebing's 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil

    Natural leather preservative and restorative for over 100 yearsRepels water and protects against stiffening and crackingReplaces the evaporated oil, keeping leather soft and pliableMay permanently darken leather32 oz. bottle

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  • Ultra® Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Spray

    …step leather cleaner and conditioner that is safe to use on light colored tack and leather goods. This spray on formula cleans away dust, dirt and debris while penetrating deep into the fibers to condition and protect the integrity and flexibility of the leather. This cleaner and conditioner is pH…

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