• Absorbine Liniment Gel

    World's best-selling horse liniment for over 118 yearsTopical analgesic with a soothing blend of natural herbs and oilsProvides temporary relief for sore muscles and stiff jointsCan also be used as a refreshing body wash12 oz. gelMade in the USA

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  • Vetrolin Liniment and Body Wash

    Vetrolin® Liniment is a delightfully aromatic camphor and soap analgesic concentrate to be used as a counter-irritant aid in the temporary relief of minor stiff and sore muscles caused by overexertion. Vetrolin® Liniment has a hint of green soap. It helps relieve inflammation, and stimulate blood…

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  • Absorbine® Cooldown™ Herbal After Workout Rinse Liniment

    For horses that traditional liniments may irritate, this herbal workout rinse has all the benefits of a liniment with its cooling formula without the irritation or strong smell.Features Include:Cools and refreshes after workouts and on hot daysMade with 12 herbs and essential oils, it also…

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  • Sore No More Performance Liniment 16oz Sprayer

    Cooling, versatile topical to relieves tight, painful, overworked musclesWitch hazel based liniment is extremely gentle and is ideal for sensitive horsesApply before, during or after rides and under wraps, pads and equipmentEffective for use on tendons, ligaments, strains, sprains, muscle and body…

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  • Sore No More Performance Gelotion 12oz

    …shipment. The herbal extracts may cause color variance.Witch Hazel - Considered less harsh and has a lower alcohol content than other astringent liniment bases.  Extracts herbs better than regulat rubbing alcohol. Arnica - Among one of the best-known herbs for bruises, sprains and trauma Rosemary -…

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  • Draw It Out Liniment Gel 16oz

    A revolutionary new product that combines all natural minerals to draw out heat while quickly alleviating pain and swelling in your horses legs. Safe, effective formula is easy to apply without all of the mess for a traditional poultice. Great for use where wraps are hard to use.16 oz. gelGel…

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  • Sore No-More Gelotion

    …hazel based herbal horse liniment that contains no chemicals or harsh abrasives. Great to use as a massage liniment before and after exercise, or as a leg or bath brace. Wonderful for horses with sensitive skin. Use with or without bandages. It is a cooling horse liniment, therefore safe to use…

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  • Draw It Out Liniment 32oz

    A revolutionary new product that combines all natural minerals to draw out heat while quickly alleviating pain and swelling in your horses legs. Safe, effective and easy to apply concentrate without all the mess of a traditional poultice.32 oz. concentrateMade in the USA.Concentrated formula is…

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  • Dura-Tech® Magnetic Crown Piece

    …a GAUSS rating of 3000One size fits allDo not use magnetic therapy products during the acute stage (the first 48-72) hours of an injury, on open wounds, at the site of an untreated infection, in combination with liniments, sweating or other healing agents, or if there are any signs of hemorrhaging.

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  • Lux Ceramic Therapy® Quick Wraps

    …to fuel working muscles and repair damage more efficiently. These wraps will break down scar tissue and reduce wind puffs without the use of liniment or poultice , and are great for reducing inflammation caused by cellulitis.Can be applied before and after exercise to speed warm-up and recoveryIdeal…

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  • Kaeco Epsom Salt Poultice 20oz

    …and jointsEffectively draws out hoof abscesses and infectionsReduces inflammation and soothes pain from sprains and bruisesCan be uesd as a liniment or brace to relax muscles and decrease stiffnessVery effective on reducing reactions from bug bitesAll the benefits of Epsom Salts in gel formWill…

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  • Lux Ceramic Therapy® No Bow Leg Wraps

    …prevention, recovery and rehabilitation. These quilts are a great solution for treating tendon injuries, wind puffs and soreness without the use of liniment or poultice. Effective at reducing inflammation caused by cellulitis.Tekno-Dri® material absorbs sweat to keep the legs cooler6mm foam inner…

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