Longing System

  • Dura-Tech® Balance Training System - Complete Set

    …Used properly, this system will strengthen muscles and increase flexibility in the shoulders, neck, back, loin and hind quarters. **Start slowly at a jog until the horse is completely comfortable and responding as desired before moving up to a canter.**Complete system includes a nylon web/felt…

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  • Mane-ly Long Hair Restore Shampoo

    …formula works to make the hair clean, manageable, and hydrated while adding loads of body and shineWorks well on all hair types and color variations tooWhen using the Mane-ly system stains lift out, and yellowing is goneNo bluing, No bleaching, No Silvering and No dryingSize: 32 oz bottle

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  • Ariat Women's Marquis Vent Long Sleeve Show Shirt

    …movement technology ™ pulls moisture to the outside of the garment so it evaporates quickly, keeping you dry and comfortableIcefil® is a cooling system that reduces skin temps up to 5 degrees FahrenheitHighly-efficient wicking fibers rapidly pull moisture away from the skin, while nano-particles…

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  • Easy-Up® Pro 35" Long Shelf with 8 Tack Hangers

    The most versatile shelf and hanger system to suit your needs, included with a selection of different width hangers to fit any width wall! This shelf will quickly become a must have for every show and in your tack room, grooming stalls, and feed room!Made in our heavy duty steel, grey armor rust…

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  • Perfect Products Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Paste

    …Because every horse has unique challenges, we've created a system of calming formulas to help you bring the very best horse to your performance every time. Use Perfect Prep EQ Gold alone or as part of the Perfect Prep Calming System. We strongly encourage you to evaluate the effects Perfect Prep…

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  • Easy-Up® Titan Saddle Rack

    A component of the build your own Easy-Up® Titan Tack Stand system, multi rack tack stand.Saddle racks are 24" long with a 2" wide center support beam and 1/2" steel support armsMaterial: Gray Armor Rust Resistant FinishIndustry leading 7 Year Easy-Up® Warranty against breakageThis saddle rack can…

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  • Uvex Perfexxion II Helmet

    …down the neck to ensure maximum protection over the back of the headThe Uvex ponytail cutout guarantees a comfortable fit for long hairThe new R-FAS, Ring Fast Adapting System, allows for quick and easy adjustment of the chin strapInjection molded outer shell and an EPS inner shell creates a lighter…

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  • Ariat Ladies Heritage Elite Low-Rise Knee Patch Breeches

    …and flatter the body while giving riders the edge on traditional style, comfort and performance. Built in core muscle support and unique calf fit system compression panels to support the calf and ankle. The Heritage Elite is a front zip, synthetic knee patch breech that has a low-rise waist and V…

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  • Ariat Ladies Heritage Low Rise Breeches

    Traditional front zip style for every day schooling or competitionCotton blend fabric with ergonomic and comfortable four-way stretchCalf Fit System creates a sleek, professional, performance fitLow rise waist, Euro seat, belt loops and slash front pockets95% cotton, 5% lycra and grippy synthetic…

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  • Easy-Up® Titan Bridle Rack

    A component of the build your own tack stand system made to attach to the Easy-Up® Titan Stand.The bridle rack can only be used with the Easy Up Titan Stand # 40625The bridle rack attachment slides onto the ends of the arms so bridles do not interfere with other tack and are easily accessible even…

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  • Easy-Up® 10 Arm Vertical Pad Rack

    …right time. This system is ideal to allow pads to dry and air out after use Each 'arm' swivels so pads can be 'fanned' out to be displayed clearly.The pad rack is made of heavy duty steel Black Powder Coat finishEasily mounted to tack room walls to optimize spaceComes with 10 - 24" long swivel rods.…

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  • Easy-Up® Heavy Duty Blanket Rack

    Heavy Duty wall mount blanket rack system allows you to easily hang and organize all your blankets, sheets, cooler, slickers, with space for adding a horse's identification to each blanket bar.The blanket bars are made of powder coated steel and measure 1" in diameterThe blanket rack comes standard…

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