Low Port Correction Bit

  • FES Sedona Ported Barrel with Roller

    …Sedona Low Port Bit with Copper Roller is gentler than a correction bit but still offers more leverage than a standard snaffle. The decorative scroll on the shanks is simple, making it perfect for any discipline. The mouthpiece is made to help calm edgy or nervous horses, with a wider low port and…

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  • FES Low Port Correction Kimberwick

    This low port correctional Kimberwick functions as both a direct action and leverage bit by using a curb strap or chain. The correction mouth is designed to apply slight tongue pressure while encouraging the horse to break over at the poll.Discourages horses from pulling or putting too much pressure…

    $57.99 $39.99
    17 Reviews
  • Robart™ Spring Loaded Low Port Correction

    Mild bit that is great for fine tuning, showing or putting on the finishing touches.Swept back engraved aluminum cheeks lessen the response time from riders' handSpring loaded port offers 'give and take' method of reward when the poll is flexedEach side of the stainless steel mouthpiece can be…

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  • Metalab® Floral Vine Low Port Correction Bit

    An ideal transition correction bit that won't intimidate a young or intermediate horse, that also has beautifully designed cheeks that look great in the show ring.Correction port applies direct tongue and palate pressure and the swivel action allows horses to respond to subtle rein pressureSweet…

    $72.99 $50.99
  • Robart™ Spring Loaded Correction Mouth Bit

    …Spring loaded correction mouth provides great direct contact. Mouth goes solid for the "whoa".Great bit for the fine tuning or to put the finishing touches on the well broke horseSimple stainless steel cheeks are slightly swept back that decreases response timeSpring loaded port offers 'give and…

    $85.99 $59.99
    16 Reviews
  • FES Correction Port D-Ring Bit

    The Low Port Correction D-Ring is a super nice bit for horses at the intermediate level of their training program. The joint on each side of the port allows each side of the bit to work independently. The hooks on the D-Rings offer various leverage options. Pressure is applied to the palate and…

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    15 Reviews
  • FES Square Correction D Ring Bit with Copper Roller

    …training bit with a low correction port to help soften the pollHinged mouthpiece allow each side of the bit to work independently3 1/4" stainless steel dees with hooks to provide leverage optionsStainless steel mouth with copper inlay and low square port Small copper roller in center of port to help…

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  • FES Low Port Correctional Training Bit

    Nice leverage style bit to introduce to horses transitioning from a snaffle bit.Lower port allows each side to work separately for bending/flexing exercisesSimple design with stainless steel loose cheeks that will not pinch the cheeksStainless steel port and mouthpiece with copper inlay to promote…

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  • Myler Low Port Correction D Ring Bit

    …require a specific bit. As each need of horse and rider change over time and progress, it may become necessary to either upgrade or downgrade depending upon the level of your horse's training or rider's experienceGreat for the horses with advanced skills but requiring a bit more controlAllows tongue…

    4 Reviews
  • FES Correction D Ring Bit (No Hooks)

    …is no added pressure on the chin.A nice bit for horses at the intermediate levels of training programs3 1/2" stainless steel dees and ported mouthpiece with copper inlayCopper encourages salivation and increases sensitivity within the mouthJointed correction mouth applies pressure to the palate and…

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  • Robart™ Pinchless Spring Loaded Correction D Ring Bit

    …and rider3 5/8" stainless steel dees with slots to allow leverage optionsStainless steel mouthpiece with spring loaded correction portInternal bushing allows each side of the bit to work independentlyApplies pressure to the palate as well as the bars of the mouthMouth: 5"Port height: 1 1/2"curb…

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