Lunge Whip

  • Lunge Whip 5 1/2'

    Great for motivating and teaching cues while longeing.Braided polyethylene cover fiberglass coreExtra-long lash keeps horse's focus10" textured rubber grip10" braided nylon popper5 1/2'L with 7' lash

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    $17.99 $13.99
    8 Reviews
    2 colors
  • Dura-Tech® 2 Piece Lunge Whip

    This two piece lunge whip is crafted from a fiberglass core with a braided polyethylene cover to supply sturdiness, while seperating for easy storagae.Braided polyethylene covered fiberglass coreExtra-Long lash keeps horses' focus8 1/2" textured rubber grip is nicely shaped to fit comfortably in…

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    $19.99 $7.99
    2 colors
  • Fleck Carbon Fiber Collapsible Lunge Whip

    Save space with this collapsible lunge whip without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.Two-part telescopic design for easy storageMade of lightweight Carbon CompositeWrapped grip keeps your hands comfortableNylon lash at endMade in GermanySize: 80"

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    5 colors
  • Horse Fare Snowbee Dressage Whip with Gel Handle

    This extremely comfortable dressage whip to hold, paired with it's design to reduce fatigue, is perfect for long rides or if you have multiple horses to ride.Well balanced, soft, comfortable, and conforms to the handNylon threaded shaft with shaft thread color matching gelAnti-slip diamond patterned…

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  • Wonder Whip 4' Halter Whip With 2' Lash

    The leading choice of professional halter horse trainersBraided polyethylene covered fiberglass core48” long with a 2’ lash10” non-slip rubber gripped handle with 10” popperBlack only

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    $24.99 $18.99
    6 Reviews
  • Dublin Gel Handle Riding Crop

    This nice and colorful crop's gel handle is comfortable and conforms to your hand to reduce hand fatigue.Gel handle fits the hand and reduces fatigueConforms nicely and is comfortable in the handSilver end cap and leather popperLength: 25.5" long

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    4 colors
  • Dublin Brights Riding Crop

    A fun and brightly colored riding crop is easy to find, should it be dropped, and adds a pop of color to your riding attire.Available in a variety of bright colorsGreat for young ridersRubber textured grip handleLength: 25.5" long

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    $6.99 $5.99
    3 colors
    AquaHot PinkLime
  • Easy-Up® Web Strap Hook & Loop Closure Organizer

    …hook-and-loop closure on one side and 8" of female hook-and-loop closure on the other allowing for a secure wrapBundle extension cords, bridles, bits, whips, girths, pitch forks, broom handles, swing arms, blanket bars, tack racks, or at shows you could use them to fasten around stalls as a backup…

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    $14.99 $7.99
  • Wonder Whip 7 1/2' Lunge Whip

    Great length for enforcing cues for changing gaits or directionBraided polyethylene covered fiberglass core10” non-slip rubber gripped handle7 ½’ shaft with an 8’ lash with 12” popper endEasy to “crack” to keep horse’s focusColor: Black

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    $33.99 $26.99
    16 Reviews
  • Wonder Whip 36" Riding Whip

    Nicely balanced for optimal controlLightweight and easy to handleBraided polyethylene covered fiberglass core6 ¾” textured non-slip rubber braid grip36” long with 6” popperBlack only

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    $16.99 $12.99
    7 Reviews