Lycra Blanket

  • Ultraflex® Full Body Slicker with Forelock Saver

    …with a forelock saver! Eliminating the forelock from being rubbed out or getting trapped and irritating the horse's eyes.Made of 8 oz. 4 way stretch lycra for long lasting performanceThis slicker hood has a full separating zipper for easy on and off, comfort cuff lines the noseband and a no-rub face…

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  • UltraFlex® Full Body Lycra Slicker With Full Zipper

    …stretch lycra full body horse slinky is also great as a blanket liner. Full separating zipper from muzzle to base of chest allows you to use full body slicker as a pre-show sheet to keep hair down and dust free. Great as a blanket liner or as a show prep sheet on hot daysThe perfect lycra sheet for…

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  • Ultraflex® Lycra Stretch Bellyband Sheet

    This useful lycra sheet makes a great summer weight stall sheet for horse shows or as a light liner under other sheets and blankets. It is comfortable for your horse with adjustable fit and belly band fastening.Made out of 4 way stretch lycra materialPolar fleece inside cuff around the neck with a…

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  • Lux Ceramic Therapy® Lycra Stretch Sheet

    …turnoutCeramic infused lycra eases soreness in the shoulder area, withers, back and hipsGreat for sensitive backed or older, arthritic horses11 oz. 4 way stretch no snag lycra with polar fleece cuff around the neckSummer weight stable sheet or can be used as a blanket linerHook and Loop bellyband…

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  • UltraFlex® Full Separating Zipper Slicker Hood

    …8oz. 4 wasy stretch lycra is more durable and can stand daily use. Comfort Cuff polar fleece lined noseband virtually eliminates rubbing or any discomfort. Full separating high quality YKK zipper. Zipper opens up completely so you can slip over neck as an open front blanket. Absolutely the best…

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