Mane Bands

  • Super Bands™

    Make tighter braids and bands that last longerDoes not strip manes and are easy to work withHolds longer and does not rub out1/4 lb. plastic jar container has approximately 1300-1400 quality rubber bandsMade in the USA

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    4 colors
  • Ultra® Mighty Bands™

    …breaking of the mane, yet holds bands in tight during showsThe specific elasticity allows the band to be applied with less breakage than traditional natural rubber bands on the marketMore durable than the leading rubber bandThicker, tighter walled bands (less wrapping needed), bands stay tighter…

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    $11.99 $7.99
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    3 colors
  • SoloComb™

    …replaced. The hook on the handle enables the comb to be hung up or attached to a belt.Achieve hand pulled results effortlessly and painlesslyPulls manes in a fraction of the time of hand pullingHigh impact ABS plastic with rubberized non-slip easy gripBlades are precision heat treated to ensure high…

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  • Invisa Bands

    banding and braiding bands match any color mane or tail and leave a very neat and clean look. These clear bands slide out very easily meaning less hair loss and hair breakage.Matches and blends every color mane and tail perfectlyProvides a clean and professional look every timeMuch gentler on manes

    $5.99 $3.99
    14 Reviews
  • Schneider's Braid Aid Comb

    Make perfect braids and bands every timeEasily divides mane into three equal sectionsHelps hold hair section in placeFinger holes provide precision maneuverabilityRoyal blue only  3 ½ “ L x 1 3/8” W

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    $1.99 $0.79
    8 Reviews
  • Schneider's Aluminum Pulling Comb

    Ideal for pulling and shortening manesMakes separating hair for braiding and banding easyLightweight and fits nicely in hand3 1/2" long

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    $2.99 $1.49
    3 Reviews
  • Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder Hoof, Mane & Tail

    …and hoofs. Revitalizes hair so mane and tail wont break off as easily and will grow longer. Conditions bare spots caused by blanket rubs, skin conditions or injuries. Fuller, thicker hair. Safe for pets. Cruelty Free.Hair:Strengthens hair from root to tip, so mane and tail won’t break off easily.…

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  • Ultraflex® Faceless Zipper Slicker

    …your manes to lay flat, keep braids and bands neat and tidy before a show without needing to cover your horse's whole face. An excellent addition to any show horse's wardrobe. No ears to rub, no eyes to rub, and no seams to rub! This faceless lycra slicker is great for keeping your braids or bands

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    $99.99 $69.99
    2 colors
  • UltraFlex® Stretchy Mesh Stable Slicker Hood

    This lightweight stretchy mesh slicker hood is designed for indoor use to keep help keep manes in place and braids and bands clean, protected and dust free while at shows. The breathable stretchy mesh is much cooler than lycra and has extra-large eye and ear holes to enhance overall comfort. A high…

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  • Dura-Tech® Full Zipper Slicker Hood

    …and mane tame.Made of a lightweigh 4 way stretch 6.5 oz lycrafleece lined inside nosebandNo center seam face designLarge eye holesElastic girth with hook and loop closureStandard full zip vinyl zipperUse as a light summer hood to keep braids and bands neat before a show, helps lay the mane down…

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    $64.99 $44.99
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    4 colors
  • UltraFlex® Pull On Slicker Hood

    Use as a light summer slinky hood to keep braids and bands neat before a show, helps lay the mane down and keeps face and neck clean. Pull over the head design elimnates hardwareMade out of 8 oz. 4 way stretch lycra material with no snag hook and loop fasteningsFeatures Comfort Cuff polar fleece…

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    $89.99 $59.99
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    8 colors
  • Ultraflex® Faceless Full Body Zipper Slicker

    This faceless lycra full body zipper slicker is great for keeping your braids or bands neat before a show, or train a mane to stay down, without the need for full coverage of your horse's face. The full body coverage keeps your horse clean, making it an excellent option as a light summer sheet or as…

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