Manure Cart

  • Easy-Up® Fold Up Manure Dolly

    This manure dolly holds a standard 70 qt. muck tub and moves full loads easily around the barn, yard or show ground without the worry of flat tires and sore backs. This versatile dolly can transport hay bales and bags of grain or shavings across any type of ground surface and folds flat when not in…

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  • Dura-Tech® Multi-purpose Muck Cart

    The versatile Dura-Tech® Multipurpose Muck Cart totes it all, from laundry to manure, making it a must have for home, barn, trailer and shows. More affordable, smaller and easier to maneuver than a wheelbarrow or muck tub, this lightweight cart rolls easily with one hand and fits into tight spaces…

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    $64.99 $44.99
    23 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Muck Tub Wheeler

    This cart frame is durable, easy to handle, makes hauling manure a breeze and holds all standard 70 quart muck tubs. Perfect for taking along to shows or for every day home use in the barn or yard. The Muck Tub Wheeler is made of steel and has a unique 19" diameter metal ring and secure base to hold…

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  • Wave Fork Head Only

    …in place by 2 black end tines.Heavy duty I-beam tine design for superior strength and efficient mucking.Wave shape and 14" wide basket sends the manure to the back of the forksMade of New Copolymer plastic resin optimized for use in all temperaturesLightweight at 2.2 lbs.Tine colors: Black, blue,…

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  • Easy-Up® Tool Holder

    This tool holder keeps brooms, manure forks, shovels and rakes off the floor and readily accessible while organizing barns, garages, sheds and aisle ways. Three perfectly placed sets of tined slots hold multiple barn tools and are sturdy enough to hold the heaviest tools.Heavy duty 3/8" armor coated…

    $49.99 $19.99
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  • Fold-It Collapsible Stable Cart

    Lightweight aluminum, foldable utility carts allows for easy maneauverability and flat storage when not in use. Great for travel, shows, and around the barn.Lightweight, aluminum, foldable utility cart, perfect for a variety of uses around the barn and show stable areaCarries up to 330lbsContructed…

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    $299.99 $199.99
    2 colors
  • Stable Mate Smart Cart Stable Cart 12 Cubic Feet

    Built for heavy duty jobs, this plastic cart is made larger to hold bigger loads with an easy front-tilt design and heavy duty turf wheels to take on any terrain.Removable heavy-duty 12 cu.ft. tub16" heavy duty turf wheels that can carry up to 600 lbsFront-tilt design with easy handleStrong,…

    3 colors
  • High Country Plastics 6 cu.ft. Economy Dura Cart

    This low-profile utility cart makes it very easy to push and maneuver in tight spaces and has a 6 cubic foot capacity for all your barn needs.This utility cart makes moving things around the barn a breeze6 cubic foot capacity hold a large amount of materialSteel powder coated blackPoly non-removable…

  • Dura-Tech® Adjustable Tool Holder

    …simply 'snap' into the 'grabber' bracket and keep brooms, forks, rakes and shovels neatly organized and out of the way.3 'grabbers' securely hold manure forks, rakes, shovels and broomsEach 'grabber' bracket is adjustable to each handle and the distance between toolsInstalls easily with your choice…

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