• Dura-Tech® MCR Long Lines 30'

    The most durable, tangle free pair of long lines availableMade of genuine Mountain Climbing rope for exceptional durabilityRound lines fit perfectly through all size surcingle ringsSpecially woven to never fray, snag or hang upSoft, comfortable feel in the hand and easy to work with 30' longSold in…

    $114.99 $79.99
    52 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® 50' MCR Lunge Line

    You'll never run out of line with our durable 50' long MCR lunge line. Perfect for larger lunging circles to lessen joint stress.Longer line means there will be less stress on joints as the circle can be largerLunge lines are an effective training tool in any programMaterial will virtually never…

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    $64.99 $44.99
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  • Dura-Tech® Tack Room Ceiling Cover

    …bar top stalls.Attach the MCR ropes (includes 2) on both diagonals to support the weight of the nylon panel to keep the center roof supportedEquipped with adjustable slide hardware to fit almost any 10 x 10 ft stallIncludes: 3 piece set (1) nylon 10'x10' panel (2) MCR ropes each 16 ft long, 1/2"…

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    $142.99 $99.99
  • Dura-Tech® MCR Lunge Line 30' with Snap

    Made of the most durable MCR (mountain climbing rope)Material will virtually never fray, snag or get tangled upSoft feel in the hand to provide a comfortable gripLarge brass plated swivel snapLength:  30’Diameter:  ½”Color:  Black

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    $64.99 $44.99
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  • Dura-Tech® Overhead Aisle Tie

    …can pass through freely, horses can pass and horses don't feel trapped by conventional ties pulling on both sides. This system consists of a 17' MCR rope with adjustable brass fittings at both ends and in the center. Each end of the rope wraps around an upper beam or stall support and is secured…

    $42.99 $29.99
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  • Long Lining 4 Piece Training Package

    …provides a great value on your long lining essentials. All pieces made of the highest quality materials for outstanding strength and durability. Package includes:Billy Royal® Multi-Ring Training Surcingle Dura-Tech® Airflow Surcingle PadBilly Royal® Leather CrupperDura-Tech® MCR Long Lines 30'

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