Metabolic Supplement

  • Remission

    …Product)}, Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation extract, l-Lysine, Biotin, Zinc yeast culture, Ascorbic Acid, Chromium, Vitamin E supplement, Folic Acid supplement, Selenium Yeast Culture, NiacinPackaged:  4lb, 10lbWarnings: For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep container…

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  • Quiessence 5lbs

    Magnesium based supplement designed to support calm, balanced behaviorEffectively reduces nervousness, hypersensitivity, muscle tension and irritabilityReduces the risk of laminitis in overweight and thick, cresty necked horsesSupports normal glucose metabolism and increases peripheral…

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  • Med-Vet Magnesium 5,000™ Muscle Supplement

    This muscle supplement is high in magnesium to aid in muscle and nerve function while also having positive effects on bones, the immune system and heart.Features Include:Helps support healthy muscle function and glucose metabolismMaintains muscle and nerve function, heart, immune system, and bone…

  • Mare Ease

    Promotes the overall hormonal and endocrine support in maresImproves reproductive health and increases metabolism in the uterusActs as an anti-spasmodic and relieves the quirkiness during heatHelps balance a mare's mood and helps to keep her calm and focusedContains raspberry leaf, don quai root…

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  • Quiessence® 14lbs

    …of laminitis in overweight horses or horses with thick, cresty necks. Quiessence supports normal glucose metabolism and increases peripheral circulation. This all natural dietary supplement has no known side effects and is legal in the show ring. Do not give to horses with impaired kidney function…

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  • Silver Lining Herbs #26 Thyroid Support Supplement

    This natural thyroid supplement helps correct imbalances that can cause coat and weight issues, so your horse's overall body condtion can improve.Features Include:The thyroid is key to regular breathing, proper weight, normalizing the amount of muscle and fat on the neck and tail headSupports a…

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  • Ultimate Finish 100 Fat Supplement 20 lbs by Buckeye® Nutrition

    …utilizing carb energy sourcesIncreases the lactic acid threshold to increase stamina and enduranceHelps to reduce hyperactivity and negative metabolic effects due to low starch and sugarVery digestible and replaces the messiness of oil supplements20 lb. container2 year shelf lifeMade in the USA

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  • Balance EQ

    Supports muscle tone in the back/topline area while reducing muscle wastingOutstanding nutritional supplement for horses with Cushings diseaseA unique proprietary blend of amino acids, antioxidants and herbsDesigned to support insulin and glucose levels within normal rangesSupports muscle tone and…

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  • Heiro 30 Day Supply

    Nutritional support for horses suffering from a variety of metabolic conditionsBeneficial for horses with sore feet, laminitis, founder  and elevated insulin levelsIntense research of insulin tests led to the development of effective ingredientsHelps fight laminar injury and  chronic foot pain…

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  • True Sweat 500gm

    …consequencesNutritional ingredients engage neurotransmitters to start the sweating processInability to sweat affects horse's core temperature and enzyme driven metabolic processAll natural blend of trace minerals, vitamins along with choline and inositol500gm bottle=60 day supplyMade in the USA

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  • Elevate Vitamin E Powder

    Supplemental source of essential Vitamin E for horses of all agesSupports optimal muscle health needed for top performanceMaintains healthy nerve function and builds a strong immune systemA must for stall bound horses or horses with limited access to pastureHelps horses in training recover rapidly…

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  • Equine Mega Sweat

    This concentrated version of Equine Omega Complete helps horses start to sweat again in 24-48 hours.Features Include:Meant to treat AnhidrosisFormulated with Soybean oil, marine fish oil, and all natural vitamin E90% success rate in helping horses begin to sweat again in 24-48 hoursPump not…

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