Miniature Stall Gate

  • Easy-Up® Titan Miniature Horse Stall Gate

    The ideal size stall gate for miniature horses, small ponies or even small livestock without comprising durability. The strongest stall gate in the industry!Made of 3/4" carton steel framing, this smaller sized stall gate is the perfect fit for your smaller four legged friends10" deep yoke made for…

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    $284.99 $199.99
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  • Easy-Up® Titan Stall Gates

    …strongest stall gate in the industry! Other stall gates on the market are no match to the heavy duty construction while offering a deep yoke for your horse's comfort.Anxious horses may benefit from this style of stall gate due to the additional airiness and ability to look out of the stall with the…

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    $284.99 - $342.99 $199.99 - $239.99
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