Mohair Cinch

  • 5 Star Mohair Roper Western Cinch

    The natural mohair cinch is soft and comfortable against the horse, distributing pressure evenly, with outstanding wicking properties and breathability.Cinch features 31 strands of 100% natural mohairTwo layers of 8 ply 100% mohair cord to wick away sweat and prevent gallingFlat stainless steel…

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  • Professional's Choice® Mohair Western Cinch

    …woven mohair is soft, strong with natural elasticityMohair releases heat and wicks away moisture and dries quicklyEliminates friction to prevent cinch sores, chafing and sweat gallingRugged stainless steel center D-rings are durable and won't rustStainless steel roller buckle makes cinch tightening…

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    $76.99 $60.99
    9 Reviews
  • Classic Equine® Mohair Cinch

    …comfortable and durable cinch. Each cinch is made of 100% natural mohair shorn from Angora goats and woven into super strong strands. The elasticity of the cinch allows your horse to breath easily and allows freedom of movement.Benefits of this cinch include prevention of cinch sores, releasing of…

    2 Reviews
  • Classic Equine Alpaca/Mohair Straight Cinch

    Pure vintage Western style cinch is made of a unique blend of 100% mohair and alpaca fibers to offer long lasting softness and comfort. This blend is naturally strong and encourages flexion and movement. Made using stainless steel hardware and custom roller buckles.

    $83.99 $75.99
    6 Reviews
  • Weaver Leather® Rayon 15 Strand Pony Western Cinch

    A flexible western pony cinch made to absorb moisture and move with your pony.A traditional design with updated materialRayon cinch offers the same comfort as similar mohair cinches but not as likely to stretchHighly absorbent but will not hold excess body heatNickel plated hardwareColor of rayon…

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