Myler Comfort Snaffle Level 2

  • Myler Low Port Comfort Snaffle Eggbutt

    …bit. As each need of horse and rider change over time and progress, it may become necessary to either upgrade or downgrade depending upon the level of your horse's training or rider's experience.A nice bit for horses with basic skills moving to more advanced trainingIndependent side movement…

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  • Myler HBT Shank Low Port Comfort Snaffle Bit

    …sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlayAllows independent side movement for sending clearer signalsApplies pressure across the tongue while allowing some tongue reliefMouthpiece will rust over time to produce an even sweeter tasteMouth: 5"Shanks: 5"Bar diameter: 7/16"Center barrel: 1 1/16"Level: 2

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  • Myler Black Seven Shank Low Port Comfort Snaffle Bit

    …horses at the intermediate levels of training and learning the more complex skills like bending, collection and lead changes. This bit applies direct pressure across the bars as it begins the introduction of tongue relief with the low port. The polished sweet iron comfort curved mouthpiece has…

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