• Cavallo Simple Boot

    …relief of chronic hoof pain and sensitivityProvides protection to hoof in the event of shoe loss or sorenessAids the rehabilitation of abscess, navicular, punctures, bruises or laminitisGenuine leather upper, double hook & loop closure with all terrain traction soleSoft leather foam filled collar…

    $193.99 $164.99
    15 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Magnetic Bell Boots (5 magnets)

    Dura-Tech Magnetic Bell Boots are ideal for horses with hoof problems, including laminitis and navicular. Magnetic therapy has proven effective to speed healing by increasing blood flow, reducing inflammation and easing soreness.Dura-Tech Magnetic Bell boots are recommended to be used in short…

    $49.99 $34.99
    35 Reviews
  • Equine Block Socks Hoof Relief

    These hoof wraps help temporarily block the foot from pain and help prevent foot soreness from hard training, standing on hard ground for prolonged periods fo time, and aid in pain relief for some hoof diseases.Hoof wraps use a proprietary blend and heat to help block the foot from painEasy to apply…

  • EQUI-BONE Pelleted Bone Health Supplement

    …the body absorb more calcium and minerals into the bone to improve bone developmentHas positive effects on horses with bone injuries like Navicular, OCDs, Bone Spurs, Fractures, Epiphysitis, Arthritis, and Calcium Deposits like Ringbone and SideboneFeatures 1,750mg of each Glucosamine and…

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