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  • EQyss Crib-Guard Gel

    Long lasting no chew gel helps deter horses from chewing and cribbing without staining or damaging surfaces it's applied to.Safe for use on wood, plastic or metal fences, blankets, wraps, and leatherClear formula with a bad tasteBrush lid ensures even coverage for long lasting effectivenessWill not…

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  • PowerFlex® No Chew Bandage Wrap

    The perfect bandage wrap for horses that love to chew or pull them off. The bitter taste will deter them without having to spray the wraps with additional products. Features Include:Has a bitter taste that discourages chewingStrong, flexible cohesive bandage that won’t constrict or shiftSweat…

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  • Dura-Tech® Deluxe Safety No Chew Cross Tie

    Exclusive design featuring No Chew PVC pipeUnbreakable Mountain climbing rope with unique adjustable slide hardwareAdjustable slide sets the length and allows "give" if horse panicsMoveable No Chew PVC pipe discourages chewing and rope damageIn the event of a disaster, you can quickly and easily…

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  • Dura-Tech® No Chew Safety Stretch Cross Tie

    Innovative 3-in-1 combination cross tieFeatures the combination of No Chew PVC pipe, bungee stretch cord and MCRGreat for horses on hot walkers who chew on the ends of their leads3' of bungee stretch cord encased in Mountain Climbing Rope allows some give2' x 5/8" Mountain Climbing Rope end adds…

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  • DARE® Cribbing Control Collar

    …both sidesUnique throat design keeps the collar in place without as much tension as other collarsMade of durable fine quality harness leather and no rust stainless steel hardwareComes with removable fleece coverWe do not recommend oiling the Dare® Cribbing Control Collar, especially the throat…

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  • Dura-Tech® Rubber & Chain Adjustable Cross Tie

    This versatile 2 in 1 chain style cross tie has a rubber section for horses that like to play and chew, and can be converted to a trailer tie by removing the chain section with its quick link hardware. The quick link allows adjustments to be made to the chain length to accommodate about any aisle…

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  • Replacement Lever for Groomers Edge Clippers

    …part of the lever.It should not be "chewed" or have cuts or gashes on the sides. If it does, replace as described below.Then grasp the exposed end of the blade lever between thumb and forefinger and try to wiggle from side to side. Lever should feel firm with no "play". If "play" exists, lever…

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  • Savvy Feeder™

    …patent through the US Patent and Trade OfficeAllows your horse to forage in a natural head-down position, creating correct jaw alignment & chewing motion, and reduced risk of guttural pouch infectionCreates contentment and calmness when eating; eliminating boredom, nervousness and…

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  • Related Categories Vet Wrap | Eqyss | Chew Stop | Stall Guard