• Coat Defense® Trouble Spot Drying Paste

    This clay based formula is easy to apply and adheres to the treated area to create a protective, drying and soothing environment to areas affected by troublesome skin ailments. This unique proprietary paste is non-toxic and is effective in treating mud fever/scratches, rain and girth rot, insect…

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  • Swat Fly Repellent Ointment - Clear

    …butoxide, technical...0.5%Pyerthrins...0.2%Di-n-propl isocinchomeronate...1.0%Other Ingredients:...98.3%Directions:To treat superficial wounds, abrasion, sores and scratches apply enough ointment to cover the woundApply directly to the wound and use dailyDo not use on animals under 12 weeks of age

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  • Fura-Zone Ointment

    Topical antibacterial ointment for treating surface woundsPrevents and treats bacterial infections, burns and cutaneous ulcersCan be used with or without a bandageWater soluble and can be left on for long periods of timeMade in the USA16 oz. containerDescription:Fura-Zone is for the prevention or…

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  • Equiderma Skin Lotion

    Been losing the battle against scratches and your horse's cannon bone crud? Try this lotion and see visible results within only 24 hours! Keep your horse's skin issues at bay this winter with this gentle lotion.Effectively treats multiple skin issues including rain rot, scratches, fungus and many…

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  • The Original Krudzapper Ointment

    …and sulfur, are combined with proprietary ingredients to create a formula that will kill 99.9% of all germs. This one of a kind, antibiotic free ointment will treat ringworm, fungus, rain rot, cracked heels, warts and dew poisoning. Effectively treats open wounds, infected wounds, punctures, proud…

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  • Corona Ointment

    …tube Description:For 100 years, Corona Ointment has been protecting skin while controlling its moisture balance for prompt healing. Due largely to its high lanolin content, Corona ointment adheres well to the skin for long-lasting protection. Corona Ointment provides a favorable environment for the…

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  • Farnam® Vetrolin® Liniment Equiveil™ 360° Sprayer

    The Vetrolin® liniment you already love in an easy to use 360° sprayer to help relieve soreness and inflammation all over the body.Features Include:360° sprayer delivers even coverage with less wasteWorks deep down to revitalize joints and relieve inflammationStimulates blood flow to relieve…

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