Paste Wormer

  • Bimectin Paste Dewormer

    Bimectrin® Paste kills important internal parasites, including bots and the arterial stages of s. vulgarus, with a single dose. Bimectrin® Paste is a potent anti parasitic agent that is neither a benzimidazole nor an organic phosphate. Helps control different parasites such as large strongyles,…

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  • Durvet Ivermectin Paste 1.87%

    Durvet Ivermectin Paste provides effective control and removal of worms and bots in a single dose. The easy to administer syringe is enough to treat a 1250 lb. horse. Safe to use on all horses, including broodmares, breeding stallions and young foals. Apple flavored paste gel contains 1.87%…

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  • Exodus Paste

    …cap, the paste should be deposited on the dorsum on the tongue. Introduce the nozzle end of the syringe at the corner of the mouth. Direct the syringe backwards and depress the plunger to deposit the paste onto the tongue. Given in his manner, it is unlikely that rejection of the paste will occur.…

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  • Panacur 25g

    paste to tip. Now set the dial ring at the graduation nearest the weight of the horse (do not under dose). Horses mouth must be free of food. Insert nozzle of syringe through the interdental space and deposit the paste on the back of the tongue by depressing the plunger. Precautions: Panacur Paste®

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  • Quest Gel

    …the syringe into the side of the horse's mouth between the incisor and molar teeth and press the plunger down as far as it will go, depositing the paste on the back of the tongueExtreme caution should be used when administering the product to foals, young and miniature horses, as over dosage may…

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  • IverCare

    The most complete bot control availableEffectively controls large and small strongyles, pinworms, lungworms, ascarids, threadworm and threadwormsBroad spectrum ivermectin pasteAdvanced Sure-Grip syringe for ease of administrationSafe for use in pregnant mares and foal as young as 2 months oldMade in…

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  • Equimax Dewormer

    paste on the back of the tongue. Immediately raise the horses head for a few seconds after dosingEquimax® Paste may be used in horses after 4 weeks of age and older, including mares at any stage of pregnancy. Stallions may be treated without adversely affecting their fertility. Equimax® Paste has…

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  • Safe-Guard 25 gm

    Controls encysted early third stage, late third and fourth stage cyathostome larvaeEffective in the removal of small strongyles, pinworms and ascaridsSafe for use in foals and pregnant maresIdeal to add to rotational program (fenbendazole based)Apple-cinnamon flavored paste25 gram syringe treats up…

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