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  • Elevate Vitamin E Powder

    …including overweight horses, laminitic horses, insulin-resistant or metabolically challenged horsesHorses with compromised immune functionsHorses with limited access to fresh green pasture or those grazing on winter pastureHorses with neurological issuesPregnant and lactating maresSenior horses   

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  • Quest Gel

    …pinworms, hairworms, large-mouth stomach worms, and stomach bots.Suppresses strongyle egg production for 84 daysResidual strongyle control reduces pasture contamination and re-infestationEffectively controls ascarids, pinworms, large and small strongyles, bots, encysted cyathostomes and large mouth…

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  • Jolly Mega Ball 40"

    Extra durable 40" diameter boredom breaker for the playful horseUse indoors or outdoors to provide exercise and relieve stressFeatures an anti-burst design; can withstand pressure up to 2500 lbs. Weight: Approx: 5 3/4 lbs.Color: Green

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  • Little Giant Hook Over Feeder

    Ideal for the field, pasture, trailer or stallThe durable molded bracket easily hooks over any "2 by" boardBracket doubles as a handle for easy carryingCan be permanently installed using screws in the holes providedLength 12.125"x width 13.875"x height 14.5"

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  • Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse

    Eliminate rubbing in the sensitive areas when wearing a muzzleSized to fit the average horse size Best Friends Grazing MuzzlesAttaches with hook and loop fasteners through muzzle slotsEach noseband is hand traced and cut from 100% merino sheepskinSuper soft, dense 1" thick wool pile keeps horses…

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  • Power Wizard® HorseSafe™ Nitro Braid Fence 1312 ft.

    Attractive and horse-safe with 9 strands of non-corrosive copper and stainless steel, make this braided fencing the perfect choice.1/4" Braided construction horse-safe fence9 Strands of high conductive, non-corrosive tinned copper and stainless steelHighly visible white braid with red…

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  • Flex-Hook 4 Pack

    …polymer material that will 'flex' in the event of an emergency. There are no edges to cause injury to horses. The hooks are non-breakable and will not rust or fade.Use on stall fronts, mount on outdoor pasture posts, in tack rooms or in horse trailers.Mounting hardware is included.Made in the USA

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  • Click Hock Shield Ultra Hock Protector

    …be worn full time for horses with deep chronic soresPerfect for horses with arthritic hocks to prevent chillNot for use on horses on turnout or pasture (restricts the leg when galloping)Plan on replacing your hock shield after about 3 months of full time wearSome products can burn skin when wrapped…

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  • Strongid C 2X

    …while allowing low levels of infection that maintains natural host immunityReduces pasture buildup of parasite eggs, limiting exposure to parasite larvae particularly useful where stocking density is high, pasture rotation is impossible, or exposure is continuous.Concentrated formulaSafe for use in…

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  • Succeed™ Digestive Conditioning Program

    …quality. Only when a horse is healthy inside can it perform and look its best on the outside.If you could keep your horse on pasture and have the ability to rotate pasture from time to time, there would be few demands on its digestive system and your horse would most likely get the nutrition and…

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  • ARMORFlex® Warrior VTEK® Fit Bellyband Turnouts

    The toughest waterproof turnout blanket in our ArmorFlex® line is made to withstand even the roughest of pasture play. Let our armor protect your horse in any weather.These blankets were formerly known as StormShield® VTEK® Marathon Bellyband TurnoutsFabric so durable we're sure it can stand up to…

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