Pellet Wormer

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  • Formula 707 Calming Pellet

    Daily supplement that helps anxious horses relax and stay focusedThree part solution of magnesium oxide, thiamine and L-tryptophanEases nervousness, irritability, excitability and relaxes muscles Horses have increased focus and are much easier to trainPalatable, easy to feed apple flavored…

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  • Uckele Pro-Lyte Electrolyte Pellet 5.3lbs

    …horses recover faster from stressContains a balanced blend of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chlorideHighly concentrated, low sugar pellets can be added to feed or in the waterApple flavoredNASC seal of approval5.3 pound pailGuaranteed Analysis per 80gsalt (min) - 46%Salt (max.) -…

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  • Acti-Flex® Pellets 5 lbs

    All the same fast acting ingredients of the liquid and powder forms, only now in an alfalfa based pellet form. Acti-Flex has long been a popular and proven combination of key substances that work together to improve joint health and function. Acti-Flex reduces pain and inflammation, increases the…

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  • SandRid Psyllium Pellets 5lbs

    Supports healthy gut function and reduces the possibility of sand colic100% psyllium pellet with high swell volume to encapsulate and remove sandPsyllium increases intestinal volume, collects sand and lubricates its passageRecommended for horses that eat off the ground or are in sand/dirt…

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  • LamiGard™ Pellets 2lbs

    LamiGard™ Pellets were developed and are manufactured in the U.S. for use in horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Our approach to foot health involves a proprietary formulation providing strong antioxidants, essential and nonessential amino acids, vitamins and other plant origin extracts…

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  • Bute-Less Pellets 5 lbs

    Includes vitamin B12, Devil's Claw and YuccaExcellent control of pain, swelling and stiffnessVery palatable

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  • STP® Stop The Pain Pellets

    A pelleted bute alternative that is all natural, reduces inflammation, and won’t cause gastric upset with extended use like bute.Features Include:Fast, effective relief as a safe and affordable alternative to ‘bute’Each ounce is the unbeatable equivalent to 2.0 grams of phenylbutazoneDevil’s Claw…

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  • Uckele™ Equine Lung EQ™ Pellets

    It is a natural reaction for the airways to constrict when exposed to excessive irritants, and this is when horses need help. Lung EQ provides respiratory support for horses with challenged breathing problems. Effectively relieves symptoms brought on by seasonal environmental irritants and…

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  • Equithrive® Metabarol® Pelleted Metabolic Supplement

    This metabolic supplement can be used long term to maintain healthy insulin and glucose levels and a healthy inflammatory response in metabolic horses and "easy keepers"Features Include:Scientifically proven to help maintain healthy metabolic function in horses by maintaining appropriate insulin…

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  • Equithrive® Original Joint Pellets Joint Supplement

    This palatable pelleted joint supplement is designed to support horses of all activity levels but is still safe for use on FEI and USEF competition horses.Features Include:The clinically proven joint supplement now in a highly palatable pellet formEquithrive® Original Joint Pellets contain the…

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  • Bio Mane 30 Day Supply Equine Pellets

    An easy to use pelleted supplement made to provide all the proteins, vitamins and nutrients to support noticeable healthy mane and tail growth, as well as healthier coats.Specifically formulated to accelerate hair growth and optimize coat health An excellent choice for horses with thin tails and…

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  • Gut Health Peak Performance Pellets 6lbs

    This is a pelleted dietary feed supplement helps to support and maintain long term gastro-intestinal health, effectively treating equine ulcers, stomach lesions and stabilizing the hind gut pH. The time released formula increases gastro-intestinal performance by reducing acids that cause stomach and…

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