Pinnacle Dressage Saddle

  • Pinnacle Pirouette Dressage Saddle

    Created from the finest leather from Argentina, Pinnacle tack is comfortable and durable.Designed in collaboration with extensive research and input from expert horsemenCombines the finest features of the world's top brands into one exceptional masterpieceCrafted from the most supple, Argentine…

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  • Pinnacle Pirouette Gullet Exchange

    Customize your Pirouette Dressage Saddle to each individual horseEasily installed by loosening the screws on each side of the pommelDesigned to maintain its shape and will not spread under normal usageGreat for providing the perfect fit when using on many different horsesWidths: wide (13" end to…

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  • Pinnacle Soft Riveted Buckle Leathers 60"

    …soft and supple calf leather with a reinforced inner layer of nylon web to prevent stretchingCalf leather offers a nice grip and is milder on your saddle flaps than other leathersHoles are numbered for convenient raising and lowering irons, perfect for multiple riders and trainers that adjust their…

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