Portable Tack Room

  • Easy-Up® Pro Series Shelf with Swivel Tack Hooks

    …perfect for stall fronts, tack rooms, trailers or on horse show stalls.Perforated shelf allows moisture and dust to fall throughMade of 1/8" steel with a gray armor rust resistant finish. 1/2" lip around the edge of the shelf keeps items from sliding offTwo 4 hook swivel tack racks underneath rotate…

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    $89.99 $59.99
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  • Easy-Up® Pro Series Double English Portable Saddle Rack

    This handy space saving rack holds 2 English saddles and fits right over a standard stall board and is perfect for stall fronts, in tack rooms or taking along to shows or events. The simple design cradles the front and back of the saddle channel area to eliminate scratching or distorting the saddle…

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    $44.99 $29.99
  • Easy-Up® Pro Series Swing Arm Blanket and Saddle Pad Rack

    …in tack rooms or used as a portable rack at shows/events using the portable hangers. Includes two sets of hangers, one for portable stall walls and one for standard wood stall walls.Come with 6 but can hold up to 12 pads or blankets at home or on the roadMount permanently in tack room or use…

    $99.99 $69.99
    3 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Collapsible Utility Hanger

    …or trailer door to hold tack, clothing or blankets and then folds neatly away when not in use. Completely portable, needs no tools to install and has a bracket that will fit over a standard 2" stall board. Use to hang tack for cleaning, hang clothing in dressing rooms or hang sheets/blankets to…

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    $24.99 $17.99
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  • Easy-Up® Portable Saddle Rack with Pad Bar

    For those who like a good looking, organized tack room at home or on the road. The portable saddle rack holds both English and heavy Western saddles with ease. The lower bar conveniently holds saddle pads neatly and allows them to dry and air out.The Easy Up Saddle 'n' Pad Rack is made of heavy duty…

    $49.99 $34.99
    55 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Tack Room Ceiling Cover

    …so your tack room stays lit throughout the day while in use making it easier to find the items you need without needing an additional lamp inside the roomReinforced webbing border with grommets placed every 20" for easy installation with zip ties (not included) on portable bar top stalls.Attach…

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    $119.99 $89.99
  • Easy-Up® Portable Hanging Shelf

    Organizing your necessities can be quite a job on a busy show day. This hanging shelf is totally portable and adds additional storage in any trailer, tack or dressing room. The shelf is made of steel rod and has fold down arms with hooks that fit over any 2" thick wall. Conveniently folds in half…

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    $59.99 $39.99
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  • Easy-Up® Pro Series 10 Hook Portable Bridle & Tack Rack

    …duty 1/4" think steel rod frame and hangers are extremely durable. The Pro series 10 hook bridle & tack rack is built to stand up to all your at home and show needs when it comes to organizing your tack. Heavy duty welds throughout.Hang numerous bridles, halters, leads, whips, girths etc.Wall hooks…

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    $44.99 $29.99
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  • Easy-Up® Portable Multi Saddle Racks

    A great space saver for tack rooms at home or at a show. Sturdy upright unit can hold your English or Western saddles effortlessly while leaving room to maneuver. Well balanced, very stable and well built. It comes in two different models, the 3 tier or 4 tier units. The unit can be disassembled and…

    $159.99 - $199.99 $109.99 - $139.99
    113 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® 6 Hook Tack Rack with Hangers

    Tack Rack is an outstanding way to save space and organize tack and supplies. The unit is lightweight and is totally portable. Perfect for setting up at shows to segregate each horse’s tack or keeping home tack rooms in order. Great for hanging blankets, coolers and sheets to dry.The 6 Hook Tack

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    $21.99 $14.99
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  • Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame with 4 Saddle Racks & Swing Arm Rack

    …used as a portable or permanent tack room organizer. Easily hangs over stalls or in horse trailers. Adjustable hangers can be changed to hang at different heights depending on your wall heights or they can be removed for permanent installation.Heavy duty portable or permanent tack room organizerUnit…

    $242.94 $159.99
    7 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® 5 Tier Main Frame with 3 Saddle Racks, Basket & Swing Arm Rack

    Heavy duty portable or permanent tack room organizerEasily hangs over stalls or in horse trailersAdjustable hangers can be removed for permanent installationUnit includes: Main frame, 3 saddle racks, 1 basket and 1 swing arm pad rackSolid steel with a black powder coat finish with adjustable…

    $242.94 $159.99
    8 Reviews