Purple Pitchforks

  • Wave Fork Tines

    These are replacement tines for the Wave Fork. Pick 2 color options to fill a full fork head. Each color comes in a set of 7 tines. These are quality tines that will stand up to any mess. Bright and colorful, choose tines that will match your barn's colors, or that simply look great together! These…

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    7 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Platinum Glitter Manure Fork Purple

    The perfect purple glittery manure fork so there's no mistake about whose manure fork this is and it's guaranteed to be unbreakable for five years.Sparkle glitter design stands out against other bland stall forksDesigned by professional horsemen with durability in mindConstructed of high impact,…

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    $26.99 $19.99
  • Dura-Tech® Platinum Kid's Glitter Fork Purple

    …durability in mindConstructed of high impact, chemical free, 100% plasticCold weather resistant and virtually indestructibleAngled head to get to the bottom of the stallMade in the USAGuaranteed unbreakable for 5 years!Measurements: 36" wooden handle with a 10" wide, 12 tine fork headColors: Purple

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    $19.99 $15.99