Quiet Ride Fly

  • Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask

    Fits nicely over or under bridleDurable plastic coated fine mesh provides 70% UV protectionThree-hole cap protects forelock from damageExtra length protects the noseGreat to use while trail ridingSizes: Arabian, Full Size, Warmblood

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  • Dura-Tech® Quiet & Cool Ear Bonnet

    This padded fly veil helps reduce noise and distractions to keep your horse focused, while supplying ample air flow through the mesh backing to allow breathability.The ears are constructed of a 250D mesh backing to allow air flow and a 3mm neoprene foam along the front ear canal to reduce…

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  • Cashel® Quiet Ride™ Fly Mask with Ears

    Don't let flies interfere with your ride, the Quiet Ride™ fly mask offers protection without obscuring your horses vision.Eliminate the head tossing and stress caused by bothersome insects on the trailBased on the same design as the Crusader Fly Mask so you know it's comfortable, but lighter…

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  • Cashel® Quiet Ride Bug Armor™

    This fly sheet is made from a cleverly constructed, lightweight soft mesh fabric designed to shield your horse from flies on the trail or schooling at home.Adjustable, Bug Armor™ easily connects to the bridle and saddle to provide full coverage without inhibiting the rider or affecting the horse's…

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