Red Light Therapy

  • Equine Light Therapy® Medium Kit

    This versatile light therapy pad is the perfect size for wounds, soft tissue injuries, and chronic problem areas for preventive maintenance, on both horses and dogs.9-1/2" X 12" (30.5cm X 24.1cm) and has 132 LEDs: 60 visible red (660nm) and 72 near infrared (880nm)Internal Timer turns pad off after…

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  • Equine Light Therapy® Large Kit

    …is so versatile! This light therapy pad is a "must have" for a variety of soft tissue injuries, to use on a chronic problem area or for preventive maintenance and warming up the back muscles before a ride.Measures 12" X 17" (43.2cm x 30.5cm) and has 264 LEDs: 120 visible red (660nm) and 144 near…

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  • Equine Light Therapy® Small Kit

    A useful light therapy pad, unlike other light therapy products, this flexible pad can be used on a variety of areas, benefitting soft tissue injuries, inflammation, soreness, arthritis pain and more.9-1/2" X 7" (24.1cm x 17.8cm) and has 66 LEDs!30 visible red (660nm) and 36 near infrared…