Respiratory Supplement

  • Uckele™ Equine Lung EQ™ Pellets

    …a natural reaction for the airways to constrict when exposed to excessive irritants, and this is when horses need help. Lung EQ provides respiratory support for horses with challenged breathing problems. Effectively relieves symptoms brought on by seasonal environmental irritants and…

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  • Cough Free

    Cough Free is a 100% all-natural formula of herbs and minerals to provide respiratory support. Developed by an Amish horse expert, this blend offers fast relief for stable cough, colds, allergies and heaves. Contains no fillers, does not test and is easy to administer. Sprinkle over grain or mix…

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  • Lung Aid® 500gm

    respiratory support that conditions horse's lungs to protect them from environmental challenges500gm bottle (45 day supply)Made in the USAAs the lungs are strengthened, they will protect against irritants such as mold, mildew, dust, bacteria and pollen and helps horses recover from respiratory

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  • Haygain Hay Steamer

    …improve equine respiratory healthEliminates dust and kills mold, bacteria and fungal spores quicklySteamed hay will retain all vital nutrientsHelps prevent the onset and development of respiratory conditionsCost effective while reducing vet visits, supplements and medicationsWeatherproof…

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