Rubber D Ring

  • FES Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …bit has a soft rubber encased mouth piece that is perfect for starting young horses and helping them learn to accept a bit. The thicker rubber mouth applies gentle pressure to tongue and bars, sending signals in a direct way. This single jointed bit has traditional 3 1/2" D rings that won't pull…

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  • Happy Mouth Double Jointed Roller D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …apple scented for easy acceptanceDouble jointed mouth allows each side to be worked independentlyDistributes pressure more evenly across the bars and sides of the faceDouble joint eliminates the nut cracker effect1 3/4" center swivel link with rollerMouthpiece:  5” with 3 1/2" Stainless steel D Ring

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  • FES Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit with Hooks

    Rubber Snaffles are great for young and sensitive mouthed horses. It allows them a softer surface to chew on and may alleviate anxiousness that some horses have with metal bits.Stainless steel Dees with slots to offer leverage optionsStainless steel mouth is encased in molded soft, pliable…

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  • Metalab FG Clinician D-Ring Pinchless Snaffle Bit with Rubber Covered Bars

    This rubber coated D-ring snaffle is perfect for young horses or horses that have a very light mouth.Patented pinchless brushed stainless steel D-ringsSingle jointed brushed stainless steel with sweet iron mouth with rubber coated barsComfortable curved mouthpiece lets horses swallow easierApplies…

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  • Easy-Up® Muck Tub Wheeler

    …diameter metal ring and secure base to hold the muck tub. A single upright handle has a comfortable rubber hand grip and 7 1/2" hard rubber tires that roll easily across the ground. Some assembly required.Holds all standard 70 quart muck tubsMade of steel and has a unique 19" diameter ring to secure…

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