• Billy Royal® Saratoga Padded Leather Halter

    …halter is generously padded in the cheeks, noseband and crownpiece areas to optimize comfort and minimize rubs in these key areas. The Billy Royal Saratoga is fully adjustable for an outstanding fit and crafted from hand rubbed and oiled premium Grade A leather. Use as an everyday stable halter,…

    $114.99 $79.99
    49 Reviews
  • Premier Saratoga Padded Leather Halter

    The entry level Saratoga focuses on comfort and affordability as the nicely padded cheeks, noseband and crownpiece eliminate rubs in these sensitive areas. This halter is fully adjustable to fit each individual horse's head to satisfaction. The supple buffalo leather halter is an outstanding choice…

    $71.99 $44.99
    202 Reviews