• Scoot Boots Hoof Boots - Pair

    …these allow for easy applicationWill fit hooves securely throughout a trimming cycleVertical walled hooves and flared hooves are not suitable for Scoot BootsNo adjustment is required as the boot is secured by parts of the hoof that do not growEach pair includes: 3 pastern straps in black; two spare…

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  • Scoot Boot Slims Hoof Boot - Single

    The same great design as the Scoot Boot horse boot but with a narrower width to fit horses with narrow or contracted hooves.Slims are more suited to narrower backed hooves or slightly contracted hoovesSlims allow the hoof to lock into the hoof boot for extra securityScoot Boots are constructed of a…

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  • Scoot Boots Hoof Boot - Single

    A performance hoof boot that's shaped to fit and move with your horse's hooves and hold up over any terrain without any hook & loop closures or cables.Scoot Boots are constructed of a very strong thermo plastic urethaneWill not get soggy, heavy or wet when riding through muddy and wet terrain and…

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  • Scoot Boot Hoof Boot Front Strap Pack

    Add the color front strap of your choice to your Scoot Boot hoof boots to coordinate with your horse's favorite colors, or just your riding apparel that day.Replacement front straps for Scoot Boot horse bootsIncludesSix front straps; Eight rivets plus screws; Two knob hooks plus screws

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  • Scoot Boot Replacement Pastern Strap Pack

    Replacement pastern straps for Scoot Boots and Scoot Boot Slims in your favorite color!Each pastern strap pack includes: 4 pastern straps (2 pairs in your preferred color)Qty: 4 (2 pairs) Included

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  • Scoot Boot Pastern Strap Lock Pack - Set of 8

    …strap locks have been designed to prevent the pastern strap from pulling off when riding in muddy conditions or through heavy vegetation, with your Scoot Boots.These are constructed of nylon and designed for ease of applicationEach pastern strap lock pack contains 8 pastern strap locksQty: Set of…

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