• Ultra® Conditioning Shampoo

    Cleans and conditions each hair while removing stubborn stainsLow sudsing action rinses ultra clean to eliminate residue build upHelps coat maintain its natural moisture balancePromotes a healthy coat, silky softness and luxurious shineConcentrated 1 to 4 (4 oz. makes 16 oz.)Citronella scent helps…

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  • Mane-ly Long Hair Restore Shampoo

    Restore, cleanse, shine, and brighten, all while helping remove yellow stains and keep hair healthier with this Mane-ly shampoo.A gentle deep cleaning formula with extracts of ginger root, jojoba seed, and rosemary leaf to name a fewMade with Panthenol B5, this specialized formula works to make the…

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  • Orvus Paste Shampoo

    Effective in a wide range of cleaning tasks! Orvus can be used in cleaning rugs and upholstery, hand washing delicate fabrics, and washing livestock. A little Orvus goes a long way. Orvus is a soft solid when cool. When it becomes warm, it melts into an amber liquid. It gives equally satisfactory…

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  • Easy-Up® Double Spray Bottle Holder

    …again.Side by side spray bottle holders can be hung on stalls, fences, gates, and doorsFits standard 32oz. spray bottlesIdeal for holding fly spray, shampoo, liniment, or shining spraysMaterial: Carbon structural steelDimensions of each bottle holder: 11 1/2" H, 4 1/4" diameter, top ring is 5 1/2" H…

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  • Quic Black Shampoo 64oz

    …no bleach or harsh chemicals64 oz.Made in the USADirections: Please note: Quic Black® will not intensify color if diluted with water or other shampoos. Quic Silver's environmentally friendly, low-sudsing formula is easy to rinse at full strength. Remove excess dirt from coat, mane and tail. Apply…

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  • Straight Arrow Mane N Tail Conditioner 32 Oz.

    An exclusive highly concentrated formula with unique properties that conditions, strengthens and prevents breakage, while deeply moisturizing to maintain and achieve a longer, healthier-looking mane and tail.Exclusive formula to condition and strengthen hair, minimizing breakageNourishes skin and…

  • Exhibitors Quic Silver

    …color as well on some buckskins. Quic Silver® is an excellent stain remover, safely turning dingy markings a platinum white.Color intensifying shampoo formulated for white or light colored horsesOptically alters the way light interacts with each hair shaftLeaves coats, mane and tails soft, smooth…

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  • Equiderma™ Sulfate Free Neem & Arnica Shampoo

    This shampoo is a seven-course meal for your horse's skin. It deeply nourishes and protects while imparting a long-lasting show coat sheen. It rinses away quickly and fights numerous skin ailments.Designed to improve the condition of the skin, it leaves behind the natural oils essential for a shiny,…

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  • Equifuse CFS Paste Shampoo 1lb

    Ultimate necessity for the busy barns that expect quality resultsPaste formulation is designed to clean, finish and shine all in one bathMoisturizing agents leave the coat gleaming and conditionedExtreme suds and foam result in easier bathing and cleansingPromotes a soft, flexible and sparkling coat…

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  • StripHair® Gentle Groomer™ Horse Grooming Tool

    …Groomer™ is a versatile horse grooming tool that removes loose hair, dirt, and dander while adding shine to the coat.Multi-purpose tool massages, shampoos, squeegees water, removes hair, mud and danderCan safely be used on the most sensitive areasCan be used on dogsMade from proprietary natural…

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  • Shapley's M-T-G Plus

    The same great formula now featuring a light herbal fragranceFormulated to eliminate the caustic agent that creates skin problemsConditions the skin while creating a barrier against the elementsConditions the hair and skin around the problem area to promote hair growthEffective against rain rot, dew…

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