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  • Robart™ Spring Loaded Spade Mouth Bit

    Revolutionary new bit designs eliminates pinching of cheeks and tongues, redusing tension and stress. Mouth stays closed and calm, horses are able to concentrate on learning. Internal bushing permits either half of the bit to rotate independently of the other. Each side of the horse can be worked…

    $99.99 $69.99
    10 Reviews
  • FES Bit Western Jointed Port/Roller Mouth

    …easy. The shorter swept back shank does decrease reaction time from your hand to the horse's mouth making this a mild bit.Great training bit to encourage suppling, balance and flexationLow jointed port allows each side of the bit to work separatelySwept back shank decreases hand to mouth reaction…

    $49.99 $32.99
    39 Reviews
  • Pendleton® Chelsea Solid Black Rain Boots

    …control to help keep them fresh Abrasion resistant linings wick moisture and dry quickly to keep your feet dry and comfortable Midfoot internal shanks deliver support underfoot for all day comfort and protection Dual bonded core construction creates the highest quality fit, finish and long wearing…

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    3 Reviews
  • Robart™ Pinchless Jointed Bit Long Shank Medium Port

    Revolutionary internal bushing design eliminates pinching of tongue or cheeks. Mouth stays closed and calm, tension and stress are greatly reduced. The horse can concentrate on learning and performing. Either half of the bit can rotate independently, allowing each side of the horse to be worked…

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    $71.99 $49.99
    12 Reviews
  • Professional's Choice® Stockman Copper Shank Snaffle Bit

    …to the tongue and bars. Weighted shanks allow for more control and added poll pressure while maintaining lateral movement. The bit is made of polished steel with decorative copper floral overlay on the shanks.Lifetime guarantee against defectsThe mouth and shanks will rust when exposed to moisture,…

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    $62.99 $58.99
  • FES Dot Shank Snaffle

    …riders, with antique bronze swivel cheeks adorned with silver dot embellishments.Entry level bit for younger horses or inexperienced ridersLonger shanks add leverage and quicken hand to mouth responsePerfect as a show bit, for training or just relaxing on trailsAntique bronze swivel cheeks with…

    $34.99 $21.99
    6 Reviews
  • Metalab® FG Short Shank Correction Bit

    This is an ideal bit for horses that need palate contact but do not need a longer shank for enhanced signaling.Short swept back cheeks decrease signal response time from your hand to your horse's mouthGives your horse more of a signal that a command is comingThis bit will apply direct palate…

    $68.99 $47.99
  • Myler Black Seven Shank Ported Barrel Bit

    …poll and curb pressure to gain collection. This bit has black steel shanks with black dots and a sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlay. Copper naturally promotes salivation and creates sensitivity within the mouth. The shanks will rust naturally and turn an antique brown while the mouth will rust…

  • Dutton Swept Back Shank Snaffle Bit

    …relief with copper inlayTwo piece mouthpiece tapers to the center does allow tongue reliefHand forged pinchless blackened steel shanks with a swept back profileSwept back shanks decrease the response time from the rider's handCheeks: 5"Mouth: 5"Bit diameter: 3/8"Handmade with a lifetime guarantee

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  • Myler Embossed 7 Shank Ported Barrel

    Myler offers the right bit for every hand and every horse. Myler snaffles combine stainless steel, copper inlay and sweet iron in unique styles that allow customized bitting for every horse. Most Myler bits utilize "ISM" or "Independent Side Movement" for more effective training at every…

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    1 Reviews
  • Dutton Short Shank Swept Back Twisted Dog Bone

    …and rider. The Short Shank Swept Back Twisted Dog Bone bit is of medium severity.Twisted three piece mouth with a 1 3/4" copper wrapped dog boneTwisted wire bars allows for more feel with less pressurePressure is applied to the bars and lessens tongue pressureSwept back shanks decrease the response…

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    1 Reviews
  • Myler Bit Sweet Iron Comfort Snaffle Wide Barrel 7" Flat Shank

    …more comfortable when tongue pressure is appliedCurved mouthpiece eases tongue pressure and allows horse's to swallow easilyStainless steel flat shanks with polished sweet iron w/copper inlay mouthpieceNatural oxidation will enhance the sweet taste and promote salivationIndependent side movement…

    2 Reviews