Spectra Laser

  • Wearable LASERwrap™ - Neck Wrap

    The first wearable laser treatment! A powerful tool for both therapy and neck shaping. LASERwrapTM neck wrap provides effective relief for stiff or tired neck muscles and upper spinal tension. Excellent as a warm-up tool to supple crest and neck muscles.

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  • Wearable LASERwrap™ - Leg Wraps

    The first wearable laser therapy! LASERwrap™ applies treatment automatically, at programmed intervals, including overnight. Apply the wrap, select the treatment protocol, and walk away. No specialist, no hassle, no protective goggles required! LASERwrap™ is proven to relieve pain, reduce…

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  • Spectra Wearable LASERwrap™ Knee & Hock Wrap - Single

    …speed healing, and speed workout recoveryConstructed of neoprene with a removable laser pad made of durable air mesh and polyester loop fabricSingle Hock Wrap KitDimensions: 8.5" X 14.5"Kit Includes: 1 – A100 Impulse Laser Unit, 1 – 8.5″ x 14.5″ LASERpad, 1 – Hock Neoprene Wraps, 1 – Charger and USB…

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    $750.00 $569.99