• Farnam® Endure® Continuous Spray Fly Repellent Spray

    …Endure® Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses. This product may be applied either as a spray or as a wipe. For horse's face, always apply as a wipe using a piece of clean, absorbent cloth, toweling (Turkish) or sponge. Wear rubber glove or mitt when applying as a wipe. Spray or wipe horse's entire…

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  • Hagerty's Spray 8oz

    …formula works to maintain your silver’s patinaGuards against tarnish and leaves a lustrous showroom shineContains R-22, the longest lasting patented tarnish preventativeWorks great on sterling silver, silver plate and on goldCleans deep into pieces with intricate etching and pattern work8 oz. spray

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  • Bronco Fly Spray

    …Technical...0.500%Pyrethrins...0.10%Other Ingredients...99.367% Directions:Remove excess dirt and dustApply light spray mist to coat while brushing lightly against lay of the hairAvoid spray in eyes and mucous membranesApply with a sponge or cloth to those areasUse as wipe on:Brush animal to remove…

    $7.99 - $22.99
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  • BugPellent™ Fly Spray

    A natural fly spray that works on horses, dogs, and humans without leaving a greasy residue. Active Ingredients: Cedar Oil, Rosemary Oil, Geraniol, Clove Oil, Citronella Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Lemongrass Oil. Inert Ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Mineral Oil, Water.A natural insect…

  • Farnam Endure Fly Spray

    …provides repellency and quick knockdown of mosquitoes. The only fly spray with RepeLock® formulation. RepeLock® formulation is an exclusive conditioner that binds to the hair shaft, locking in the fly repellency of Endure® fly spray. This unique formula stays active even when your horse sweats or in…

    $22.99 - $73.99 $20.99 - $73.99
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  • Pyranha® Fly Spray Aerosol

    Triple action formula kills, repels and conditionsUsed by champions countrywide for maximum fly controlKills and repels flies, mosquitos, gnats, fleas and ticksLeaves coat feeling soft, shiny and conditionedCitronella scented for long lasting control15 oz. aerosolMade in the USAPyranha® Insecticide…

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  • Pyranha Wipe N` Spray

    Pyrethrum based formula that kills and repels flying and biting insectsContains lanolin to condition the coat and provide an amazing shineReady to use formula is effective against flies, mosquitos, gnats, fleas and ticksUse 1-2 oz. per day to provide optimal resultsCitronella scent

    $22.99 - $54.99 $16.99 - $54.99
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  • Eqyss Micro Tek Spray

    The fastest acting, spray that may eliminate skin problems. Provides leave-on protection which continues to work for over 24 hours. EQyess Micro-Tek Spray contains a trademarked formula developed from NASA research on the decontamination of astronauts. Promotes healthy skin and coat by controlling…

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  • Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray

    Created exclusively by Shapley's, Show Touch-Ups are color-enhancing sprays designed to safely and effectively conceal stains, scars, blemishes, and flaws. Show Touch-Ups can also be used to enhance tails and feathered legs, creating a full, natural look.Will not smear, clump, rub off or damage the…

    $16.99 $9.99
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    5 colors
    BlackChestnutDark BrownMedium BrownWhite
  • Purishield™ Wound Spray

    The ultimate protection against bacterial and viral infectionsDeveloped and used by Rood & Riddle, one of the world's foremost equine veterinary hospitalPurifect Technology™ mimics antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) to all animalsKills bacteria and viruses in the same way as nature's own AMPsHas shown…

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  • Pyranha® Equine Spray & Wipe™

    …Equine Spray & Wipe™ is a continuous spray that offers long lasting protection against a wide variety of biting insects. A ready-to-use water based formula quickly knocks down and kills flies, mosquitos, fleas, ticks and gnats. Kills deer ticks that may carry Lyme disease. Convenient sprayer sprays

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  • Easy-Up® Double Spray Bottle Holder

    …Easy-Up® Portable Double Spray Bottle Holder keeps your fly spray and other spray bottles handy, so you won't lose a spray bottle again.Side by side spray bottle holders can be hung on stalls, fences, gates, and doorsFits standard 32oz. spray bottlesIdeal for holding fly spray, shampoo, liniment, or…

    $29.99 $19.99