• Double Mist Super Sprayer

    Continuous output saves time and effortEach stroke delivers two sprays at .02 oz. per squeezeAdjustable nozzle to achieve desired spraySide measurements in ounces, pints and milliliters32 oz. capacityColor: Orange

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  • Neon Sprayer

    Handy, fun colored multi-purpose sprayers!Nozzle adjusts to achieve desired sprayCalibrations and dilution ratios on the sideGreat for fly sprays, coat conditioners or disinfectants32 oz. with 36 oz. maximum fill capacity

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    $4.99 $3.49
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    2 colors
  • Big Blaster Horse Sprayer

    High output professional horse sprayerAdjustable nozzle to achieve desired sprayGreat for fly spray, coat sprays, disinfectants or leather conditionerComfortable cushion grip triggerDilution ratios and calibrations on the side32 oz. with 36 oz. maximum fill capacity

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  • Ultra® Lazer Shine with Flairosol Continuous Sprayer

    …with water based type products24 oz. bottle Directions for best results:Mix 3 oz. Lazer Shine into a 24 oz. sprayer and fill with water. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Set sprayer setting to “mist.” Spray the horse’s coat and rub in by hand. Allow to dry. Towel off or groom with a finishing…

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  • Farnam® Vetrolin® Shine Equiveil™ 360° Sprayer

    The same Vetrolin® Shine you love with a 360° sprayer so you can spray in any direction without product dripping or leaking.Features Include:Ready-to-use spray contains salon-quality silicone to enhance the shine of any color coatVitamin-rich conditioners keep manes and tails manageable and…

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  • Sore No More Performance Liniment 16oz Sprayer

    Cooling, versatile topical to relieves tight, painful, overworked musclesWitch hazel based liniment is extremely gentle and is ideal for sensitive horsesApply before, during or after rides and under wraps, pads and equipmentEffective for use on tendons, ligaments, strains, sprains, muscle and body…

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  • Ultra® Nourishing Hair Moisturizer with Flairosol Continuous Sprayer

    …oz. spray bottle32 oz. makes 4 gallons, 128 oz. makes 16 gallons Sizes: 32 oz. or 128 oz.Ultra Products are made in the USAFlairosol Continuous Sprayer Features Include: Super quiet continuous spray in a non-pressurized, propellant free airless sprayerProduces an aerosol quality spray for even…

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  • Ultra® Nourishing Hair Moisturizer with Flairosol Continuous Sprayer

    The most advanced, all natural leave-in moisturizer on the market, with a super quiet continuous spray in a non-pressurized, propellant free airless sprayer.Can be applied to wet or dry coats, manes and tailsLanolin formula improves hair strength, thickness and elasticity while repelling…

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  • Exhibitors Quic Braid™

    Revolutionary mane management for superior controlProvides the perfect "grip" to produce tighter, neater braidsLeaves hair feeling soft and natural with minimal stray hairsMakes the braiding process go much faster and easierBraids comb out without washingMade in the USA

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    $8.99 - $21.99
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  • Eqyss Premier Marigold Scent Spray 32oz

    The power of marigolds is incorporated into Eqyss Rehydrant SprayAll natural, non-toxic, alcohol and silicone free formulaShines and moisturizes the coat while enhancing colorMinimizes dry skin conditions while repelling dust and dirtHelps detangle horse’s manes and tails32 oz. with sprayer

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  • Pyranha® Equine Spray & Wipe™

    …a continuous spray that offers long lasting protection against a wide variety of biting insects. A ready-to-use water based formula quickly knocks down and kills flies, mosquitos, fleas, ticks and gnats. Kills deer ticks that may carry Lyme disease. Convenient sprayer sprays in all directions.15 oz.

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  • Flairosol Fine Mist 24 oz. Spray Bottle

    …pumping. The fine mist saves money by allowing even coverage without over-spraying. This sprayer is perfect for shining sprays and fly sprays and is great to have at ringside before classes. The sprayer disperses 1.25 cc per second and evacuates 98% of the product so there is no waste.Super quiet…

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