Stall Boredom

  • Jolly Apple Stall Snack

    …Compatible with Likit brand, Standard size refills sold separately.Helps horses overcome boredom and relieves stressDurable plastic apple shaped holder with Standard Likit includedHolds all Standard LikitsHangs from ceiling of stall (rope not included)Flavors: Apple or peppermintMade in the USA

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    2 colors
  • The Equine Scratcher

    …at your horses mane and tail, leaving those short, broken hairs that never seem to grow back. For stalled horses, The Equine Scratcher has the added bonus of affording your horse relief from boredom and stress which often result in wind sucking, cribbing and anti-social behaviour.Horses can scratch…

    8 Reviews
  • Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls

    …and minerals essential for your horse's everyday needs.The perfect treat, boredom breaker and stress relieverProvides hours of "rewarding" distractionGrain based and packed with vitamins and mineralsIdeal for horses on stall rest, cribbers and chewersFlavors: Apple, molasses, carrot, peppermint and…

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    5 colors
    AppleCarrotMolassesPeppermintSugar free
  • Scented Jolly Ball

    Alleviates stress and boredom in the stall or pastureHandle allows horses to grab, carry or toss the ballAlluring scents heighten horse’s curiosityMade in the USA of highly durable stomp resistant polyethyleneDoes not need air and won’t deflateScents:  Bubble gum, green apple or peppermint10”…

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    3 colors
    Green ApplePink BubblegumPeppermint
  • Big Licky Refill

    The perfect treat, boredom breaker and stress relieverReplenish your Big Licky Holder with assorted flavorsDesigned to reduce mess and stickinessGrain based and loaded with vitamins and mineralsIdeal for horses on stall rest, cribbers and chewersWeighs 4 lbs.

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    5 colors
    AppleCarrotMolassesPeppermintSugar free
  • Himalayan Horse Rock Salt Lick

    …from ancient deposits in the Himalayan MountainsRose pink color indicates high mineral contentAssures a balanced intake of iron, potassium and magnesiumHang in your horse's stall, a great boredom reliever2.2 lbs or 4.4 lbs available on a rope4.4 lbs brick fits in standard salt block holder (no rope)

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    $7.99 - $9.99
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  • Dura-Tech® Nylon Hay Bag

    …consumption and saving money by minimizing hay waste. This durable hay bag is perfect for entertaining horses between classes, relieving stall bound boredom and getting horses to relax while trailering.600 denier PVC coated polyester construction for outstanding durabilityMesh bottom lets dust,…

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    $25.99 $17.99
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    5 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Waste Not Hay Bag

    …800 denier nylon feeder has a smaller load capacity which is perfect for keeping horses engaged and happy while trailering or to help ease stall boredom. Divided feeder holes allow for slowing hay consumption, limiting hay waste and helping improve digestion.800 denier nylon construction for long…

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    $39.99 $19.99 - $27.99
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    5 colors
  • Uncle Jimmy's Licky Things

    …holders on the market todayThe perfect treat, boredom breaker and stress relieverWill easily fit into most major replaceable treat holdersDesigned to reduce the mess and stickinessGrain based and loaded with vitamins and mineralsIdeal for horses on stall rest, cribbers and chewersCandy apple, cool…

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    4 colors
  • Shires Ball Feeder

    Fight stall and paddock boredom with this colorful treat ball! Simply fill the container with treats or grain and let your horse play, reducing boredom, stable vices, making this especially great for horses that spend long periods of time in their stalls.As your horse pushes the ball around, treats…

    $23.99 $20.99
    5 colors
  • Hay Chix® Small Square Bale Hay Net

    …feed hay net.Fits 2-string bales up to 70 lbs.Use on the ground, in your pasture, in a stall or in a feeder to keep it off the ground1 3/4" hole opening to slow down your horse's hay intake, for better digestion and prevention of boredom, vices, and gastric ulcers or colic. Color: Black with Oat tie

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    $43.00 $39.99
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