Stirrup Irons

  • Dura-Tech® Lightweight Polymer Stirrup Irons

    Innovative lightweight design features versatility and durabilityMade from high density polymer that is easy to clean and maintenance freeWider foot bed allows for greater stability and support while ridingComes with one pair of rubber pads and one pair of metal grip padsRubber pads provide…

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  • FES Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Stirrup Irons

    …lightweight traditional style stirrup irons are powder coated with a black finish to decrease visibility as they blend nicely with tall or paddock boots. The stainless steel base is extremely durable and will not rust. At only 10-11.5 oz. per iron, these lightweight irons are easily maneuvered and…

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    $57.99 $39.99
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  • FES Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Jointed Irons

    …design concept in stirrup irons that helps riders develop and achieve the correct foot position. The sides of the irons are jointed to enable riders to get their heels down easier. The black finish will distract unwanted attention to foot movement while in the show ring.The irons are made of…

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    $99.99 $69.99
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  • FES Stainless Steel Fillis Irons

    Classic style Fillis irons are the most popular of all English irons. Nicely weighted and balanced so riders can pick them up easily, position their feet correctly and limit excessive movement. Made of stainless steel and has replaceable black rubber foot pads. Ideal for all English…

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  • FES Black Steel Irons

    Great looking stirrup iron that provides a clean and classy lookBlends nicely into tall boots to conceal excessive foot movementBalanced and weighted to limit movement and quickly retrieveSteel fillis style coated with black nickel platingCompatible with most stirrup leather widthsWeight: 18.4 oz.

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  • MDC Ultimate Intelligent Stirrups

    …the patented, adjustable top. The MDC Comfort Stirrup® has a traditional solid foot plate, while the MDCUltimate Stirrup® has a rubber protected hinged bottom.Revolutionary design that positions your stirrups where you want themCustomize your stirrup irons to best suit your personal needsChoose from…

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    $231.99 $169.99
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  • Pinnacle Soft Riveted Buckle Leathers 60"

    …saddle flaps than other leathersHoles are numbered for convenient raising and lowering irons, perfect for multiple riders and trainers that adjust their stirrups frequently, without wondering if your stirrups are evenHeavy duty buckles are double riveted for added strength, along with a nylon web…

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  • FES Extra Heavy Stainless Steel Fillis Irons

    These irons are just the right weight and balance needed for all English disciplines. The irons are made of extra heavy weight stainless steel which helps riders pick up irons easier and limits foot movement when riding. The irons are polished to a high shine and will not rust. The replaceable black…

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  • FES Stainless Steel Peacock Safety Irons

    The ultimate set of irons to protect young or inexperienced riders from unexpected injury. The irons are designed to free a rider's foot by pushing through the rubber band in the event of an emergency.Rubber bands and tabs are easily replacedStainless steel irons are weighted nicely for…

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  • Herm Sprenger® Bow Balance Stirrups

    …pain with these bow balance stirrups that won't just reduce discomfort but also the risk of your foot getting caught in the stirrup.Softens the impact on cartilage & ligamentsEasy to "pick up" when mountingInternationally renowned System 4 technology used in these stirrups enables immediate release…

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    $249.99 $226.99
  • Fillis Pads

    Replace worn out pads easily to promote ultimate safetyMolded rubber pads will fit most Fillis style ironsDiamond spike detail on foot bed ensures a non-slip surfaceSold in pairs

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  • Pinnacle Leathers

    Impeccable attention paid to quality, detail and stitching Hand crafted from premium leather tanned in the British traditionTriple layered for superior performance and durabilityNumbered holes for ease in adjusting iron lengthStainless steel buckle lies flat under riders legSold in pairs

    $64.99 $44.99
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